Review: iPhone 4 Marware Sport Grip & BSE-full body

Discussion in 'iPhone Accessories' started by Kimball, Aug 15, 2010.

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    Id like to start with an apology, I wont be using apostrophes here, sorry Im lazy.

    It seems the Marware Sport Grip aint getting alot of spotlight here so I thought Id share my thoughts and impressions so far. I also installed my fullbody BSE-skin the first fay I got the phone so I might as well include it.

    Bestskinsever Fullbody-skin​

    This investment came natural to me since Ive been using BSE for 2 years with my iPhone 3G and had great result (the corners started peeling after 18 months use, otherwise no problems whatsoever), tough the BSE screen protector used on my 3G had worse orange-skin-feel vs. the one I installed on my iPhone 4. Friends whos been trying my iPhone 4 didnt actually notice the BSE-skin before I told them its on since;
    1. It doesnt add alot to any friction to the screen and
    2. It doesnt screw the screen up at all, everythings crystal clear as prior to installing it.
    Sure it took 2 days to dry in and I had some bubble-problems at first, but I eventually got every single one out excluding the one shown in the picture below.

    All in all Im perfectly happy with my BSE, especially at the price (I got it @ 5$ / full body during their iPhone 4 promotion), but even at "full price" Id be more then happy with it! Only complaint I have is that it doesnt seem to be cut 100% perfect, Im missing a couple of millimeters at either top or bottom at both front and back (as seen in the pictures below). Sure I didnt get the skin 100% perfectly aligned either, but its still missing some lenght. However this doesnt bother me since it doesnt show with a case on, which will be next!

    BSE Pics:


    Marware Sport Grip
    I like this case since it doesnt add alot of bulk to my precious phone while still offering good drop protection because of the silicone (or so I think?). I havent actually tried the famous Apple bumper yet since I wanted something to protect the back as well but from what Ive read this case seems similar (maybe abit thinner?) but with the extra back protection. The sides of the case raise about 1mm which should enough to protect the front screen during a drop and such just as most cases do.

    The material is not rubbery or sticky at all and goes perfectly into and out of pockets. I dont know what to compare the material to really, I havent felt anything that resembles it before. Compared to the Sport Grip for iPhone 3G/3GS this is alot less sticky and therefore doesnt attract lint nearly as much which is a big plus! Of course its going to attract some lint, what case doesnt, but its not bad at all (the pictures shows lint which cant be seen by the naked eye so dont be fooled :D). Fingerprints is no problem either, if youre greasy its going to leave a mark of course but its easily wiped away.

    All buttons are all accessible through the case and theyre not to hard to press. The volume buttons wont be as responsive as without the case but theres no problem using them. Sure it takes a day getting used to but I still prefer them covered and protected vs. having cut outs! The mute button is no problem at all, I think any headphones should work and theres no flash problems whatsoever!

    Overall I really like this case! It offers good drop protection while still not being bulky and this was the primary reason to why I bought it. The fit is good and tight which leads me to the only con Ive noticed with this case: at the bottom of the case theres nice cutouts and all, BUT, the "upper part" closest to the screen is really thin which makes it somewhat flimsy and the "natural movement" of this part when in my pocket has caused a small part of my BSE-skin to bubble. This was easily fixed of course, though Im not sure how much of a problem this might become in the future. But hey, no case is perfect right? I dont fancy hardskins for some reason and the Incase Slider which I was also looking at seem to bubble screen protectors badly enough for me not to buy it (Ill still try it when its available in Sweden though).

    So if youre looking for a smart, non-bulky case which offers good drop protection, look no further! Sure theres probably ebay knockoffs out there which will cost less $, but I dont think any of them will have the same perfect fit and quality feeling as this one from Marware does, espeically at 20$. I had to pay 30$ here in Sweden and still couldnt be happier!

    Marware Pics:
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    nice review and thanks for the pictures!

    i had the bse on my 3gs, but did not like the tacky feel on the front screen. the back held up fine and worked well, only then the tacky feel was useful, gave the phone a better grip.
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    If I don't like my bumper this is a good alternative case, thanks!
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