iPod Review: LunaTik Chicago Black iPod Nano Watch Band & AnTik Watch Face


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Jun 15, 2010
Citrus Heights, CA
A vast majority of the big name case makers have dived into the iPod Nano watch band game recently. While they can be commended for giving it a try I would never really recommend any of them as a serious contender or something I would put on my wrist. 99% of them are made with cheap plastic and less than stellar materials making the overall experience anything but enjoyable. Yes they can be had at cheap prices but there is a reason for that. Like I was always told sometimes you have to shell out a little bit more money to get a good long lasting and well-made product. That’s exactly what we have here with LunaTik and everything they put their name behind. LunaTik offers several different versions of their popular iPod Nano watch band but we are going to take a look at one of the newer leather bands they recently started to offer called the Chicago Black.

LunaTik is based out of the great city of Chicago so it’s only right that they teamed up with fellow Chicago based Horween’s Leather Company to produce one of the most visually stunning timepieces I have seen in ages. To say this watch band is amazing is even an understatement and does it an injustice.

The leather used on the band is very sturdy with its top-grain hide and accent stitching around the border of the band. As soon as you unbox the band you can smell the quality of the leather right away and it is welcomed with open arms. The leather on this band is going to last an extremely long time no matter what kind of abuse you throw its way.

This isn’t your normal flimsy leather watch band you may be accustomed to using or even your higher end watch band in comparison. I’ve have several very nice and expensive watches before that feature a leather band and I have a hard time comparing them to this as the LunaTik just blows them away. The housing on the LunaTik has a very nice and sleek black anodized stainless steel finish to it that sets off the look of the watch band perfectly. The same anodized stainless steel extends itself to the clasps on the strap as well.

Installing your iPod Nano into the LunaTik isn’t a difficult task but it does take a couple minutes to properly do the install. Each corner of the aluminum housing has an Allen screw that needs to be unscrewed and removed and the housing splits in the middle allowing your iPod Nano to fit perfectly inside. Once installed you just reverse the steps and tighten everything up securely ensuring a nice solid fit. After installation is finished the look of the iPod Nano and LunaTik Band together is just astounding. I really challenge you to find a more unique and classy looking watch at this price point period.

On the wrist the LunaTik feels very comfortable especially with the suede that is used on the reverse side of the watch band that touches your arm. Nothing feels out of place or awkward and just flows very well. I tend to have a fairly small wrist but the LunaTik didn’t feel too large for my tastes which I was a little worried about.

LunaTik also offers an additional watch face of their own called the AnTik that is an analog alternative to your iPod Nano for the days when you don’t want to be all digital with your watch preferences.

I have to say I was just as impressed and in awe of the quality of the AnTik with its look and super solid feel. LunaTik offers three different styles of the AnTik and we have the black/orange “Ember” color way and the all black “Shadow” version as well.

Each AnTik is precisely made to fit perfectly into any of the full range of LunaTik watch bands and its dimensions look identical to an iPod Nano in comparison.

The AnTik has that same great anodized machined aluminum casing that you’re used to with the LunaTik watch band. The face of each AnTik is made with a hardened mineral crystal as well to ensure it will literally stand the test of time. The AnTik is water resistant up to 30 M as well so that's an added bonus compared to the iPod Nano which is not water friendly.

The Shadow Black AnTik face is really the under the radar and sleek version of the bunch with its completely blacked out look. This definitely the Batman of the collection and I loved the look since I seem to always gravitate to things that are understated and minimal in color and feel.

The Ember Black AnTik face is my favorite out of the bunch and for good reason with its primarily black toned face and orange accents. There’s a reason I love black and orange so much, Go Giants! The Ember color way is the perfect balance of minimal design and just the right amount of color popping out to really catch your eye.

No matter if you choose to use an iPod Nano or one of LunaTik’s various AnTik watch faces you cannot go wrong with the LunaTik Watch Band and everything it offers. The leather version we have featured here is definitely the classiest of the bunch but if you’re looking for other material bands check out their site as they offer rubber and metal linked versions as well.

Yes they are the priciest iPod Nano watch bands on the market but for good reason. You are going to have a hard time finding a watch you will love more than the LunaTik once you get it in your hands. It’s truly a sight to see in person that I would recommend to anyone with or without an iPod Nano.