Review: Melkco Poly Jacket TPU case for Apple iPhone 6 Plus

Discussion in 'iPhone Accessories' started by WJC89, Jul 8, 2015.

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    Jul 8, 2015
    (I received this case for review)

    If you're looking for a jacket case that delivers solid protection, a thin profile, and a clean look, this Melkco Poly TPU case makes a good choice. It fits snugly around the iPhone 6 Plus, and its thin polyurethane material is practically unbreakable.

    There's nothing fancy or any bells and whistles to this jacket; it's designed for protection. And protect it does. The polyurethane construction is super strong and abrasion resistant despite being thin. This means that the case shields the phone against knocks and drops without adding much bulk to it. The front edge is also raised, acting as a bumper in case the phone gets dropped face-first.

    The poly material bends like Gumby, so it's easy to slip the jacket on and off the phone. Cutouts and silhouetted material over various buttons and components ensure that the iPhone 6 Plus retains full functionality with the jacket on.

    A matte finish on the back combined with the natural transparency of polyurethane gives this jacket an understated look, though the edges have a bit more shine to them. I got the Pearl Blue color, which is soft but noticeable as an uncommon shade. Because of the jacket's oleophobic poly material, you don't need to constantly wash oil and grease off it.

    To sum up, the Melkco Poly Jacket TPU case reassuringly protects the iPhone 6 Plus without adding much bulk or weight to the phone. It's low maintenance due to its oil- and grease-resistant material, and its color adds some style to the iPhone.
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    This looks very similar to the Staples TPU case. Main differences is that the Staples case is full matte finish except for inside edge and the Staples has no branding.

    All my other cases (including Apple silicone and leather) are sitting in a drawer. It's been 3 weeks using the TPU Staples cases - I switch back and forth between the black and frost. Love this case in every way - nothing I would change about it.

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