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Discussion in 'iPhone Accessories' started by WJC89, Jul 15, 2015.

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    (I received this case for review)

    Melkco designed its Superlim TPU Case to protect the iPhone 6 while maintaining the phone's thin profile. It accomplishes this by employing slim polyurethane in the case's construction. The case is also clear to maintain the iPhone 6's original appearance as much as possible.

    The polyurethane provided good drop protection for the iPhone 6 replica I tested it on. I didn't go beyond about a three-foot drop onto a wooden table and I didn't drop the replica on its face. That's because the case doesn't provide much of a bumper along the perimeter of the screen. Dropping the phone face-first would be my only concern, but adding a screen protector should help prevent damage to the display if this happens.

    The lack of a bumper represents the biggest tradeoff for the case's ultra-slim fit. The case really adds little bulk and weight to the iPhone 6. It's like wearing a stretch-fabric jacket in the spring and fall: the jacket provides a close fit and protects you against chilly air. If you want more protection, you need a bulkier jacket. The thin design also maintains the iPhone 6's contours.

    The polyurethane is clear, so you can see the phone's design through it. Cutouts keep the lightning connector, camera, and ring/silent buttons exposed, and moldings cover the volume and power buttons. The poly material is flexible, so it's easy to press the buttons that it covers and to slip the case on and off the phone.

    If you want to maintain the distinctive look of the iPhone 6, this case would be a good choice. Its thin polyurethane keeps the phone from becoming bulky while still providing decent protection.
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    He can't post links because he only has two posts, both for the same product. My cynical side might think he is affiliated with the product.

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