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    I have used a great deal of different cases for my iPads over the years from the Apple official leather Smart Cover and Case to the Pad and Quill and even a Portenzo. I have yet to find a case that is as slim and classy as the Nodus Access Case

    The Access Case comes in two different colors Ebony Black and Chestnut Brown. I was sent the Ebony Black case for review and it is absolutely wonderful. The case is made of soft full grain Italian leather. From the smell to the feel of the supple leather it is obvious the quality of materials used in this case is superb. There is a subtle stitching around the entire border of the case. The back has a perfect cutout for the camera and no branding whatsoever on either front or back of this case. This further lends to the luxurious feel of the case.

    Black microfiber lines the interior of the case. On the left side is a small pocket for a few papers or business cards. This is not meant to be a place to stuff papers into but rather just a convenient pocket for a few small pieces of paper. On the very bottom of the inside pocket the Nodus brand. Again this very tiny, inconspicuous logo is what I prefer.

    Now for the main attraction the Access Case’s Micro Suction cups. Their 2013 Kickstarter remains the first to use such suction technology that has been since copied with no success by competitors. I was skeptical at first as I usually prefer a more permanent solution for holding my iPad in place but the Access case completely surprised me. The suction cups (when clean --- a bit more about this in a moment) hold surprisingly well. Even with vigorous shaking (over a bed of course) the iPad remained in place. The front cover also holds pretty well which is surprising considering the small size of the Micro Suction pad on the inside of the front cover. When I was ready to take the iPad out of the case I placed my finger under the back side of the case and it peeled right off. Even

    Like all premium cases, the Access Case requires a bit of care. The Micro Suction cups can attract dirt and the easiest way to clean the pads are with a damp cloth and letting them air dry. Just make sure to avoid cleaning the pads with any soaps or abrasive cloths or drying them with any cloth and you should be good to go. I am very OCD about keeping my tech items clean and cleaning the pads have been nothing but an easy and quick process (I have cleaned the pads at least 3-4 times in the few weeks I have been testing the case)

    Using the iPad in the case is easy as the spine is not too thick or stiff so I can hold the back cover with my hands when using the iPad or prop it up using the fold in the back cover for watching videos on my desk or Facetiming. Best part about this case is when I need to use my iPad naked I can easily remove it and replace it without dealing with a cumbersome case.

    The final thing to consider when purchasing any iPad case is price. At $155 it is definitely one of the more expensive premium iPad cases out there but Nodus always offers discounts every month of 20% or more and at around $130-$150 you will struggle to find a case of comparable quality. In fact one may even consider the Nodus Case to be a bargain when compared with other leather cases which start at around $300-350.

    I would highly recommend this case to anyone who likes minimal classy design and is more concerned about the look and feel of his case rather than a case that offers ultimate drop protection, which the Nodus unfortunately does not. This case is perfect for students and others that work in professional settings and want their iPad to be an extension of their style not a bulky eye sore. If you have any questions please feel free to leave me a comment below or on my Youtube page.


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    The leather is shiny but does definitely look different than 2 weeks ago after picking up oils and wear from use

    It is also pretty soft right out the box not as stiff as I expected

    Overall, im loving this case

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