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    The Aluminium Multi-Angle Universal Stand from Anker is exactly that, a stand designed for various makes of gadgets such as phones and tablets. Inside the box is the stand itself and a user guide.

    This is manufactured mostly from aluminium with part of the hinge mechanism made from plastic. The stand measures in at 106 x 81 x 27 mm and weighs 102g. There are rubber feet on the bottom of the stand as well as rubber backing strips inside for protection. On the inside bottom, there is a rubber insert that offers great support for devices up to 11mm thick but can be removed to accommodate thicker devices up to 14mm.

    There is a small push in button on the left side of the hinge, think the power on button on a magic trackpad, which allows you to adjust and lock the stand in one of 9 different angles. This also allows the stand to fold up reasonably flat for storage.

    The stand supports up to 5kg which is a surprisingly high load for a device this small. It comfortably sits my iPad Air 2 in either landscape or portrait orientation and this latter option makes this a real option given my case only supports two angles in landscape. If you want flexibility, this stand offers it over the majority of iPad cases out there with their built in stand options. It's also a great option for supporting the iPhone on my desk at work as I can leave it on mute but easily see the screen when notifications come in.

    It's a simple design which I like as it does one thing well and the aluminium construction gives it a quality feel over cheaper, plastic alternatives. Not everyone has the need for a stand for their gadgets but it can prove handy in certain circumstances and I like what this stand from Anker offers.

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    I have this particular stand as well. It's solid for the price. I end up using my iPad pillow and no stand most of the time though.

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