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Discussion in 'iPhone Accessories' started by djrobsd, Jan 4, 2010.

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    Recently I traveled to New York for a week and, recalling my previous visit, knew I was going to need an extra battery pack to keep my iPhone going all day long - especially since I enjoy listening to the iPod functions on the Subway while playing Pacman and other games to kill the time. I was a bit hesitent to go with a company, and a brand I had never heard or seen before, but I placed my order for the Apocket iphone case... I paid $15 for the priority mail shipping option the day before Christmas eve, and it promptly arrived on Saturday, I was SHOCKED it arrived so quickly given the Christmas holiday.

    The item came out of the box with a partial charge, so I was able to use immediately, although they recommend fully charging it overnight. There are 3 LED's on it, and when you plug it in, one LED illuminates red and then turns off when it's fully charged. The device has 4 modes. Off, On, On - with 3 blue LED's lit up to show battery life (3 is full charge), and On with FLASHLIGHT! The flashlight is at the top of the unit and is a bright blue LED light that definitely helps in sticky situations, and to me is a welcome addition.

    The unit provides both power to your iphone, as well as CHARGING the iphone. However, there were a few times where I plugged the unit in and my iphone said "Charging is not supported with this accessory". After fiddling around with it, turning it off, back on and re-seating the connection, I did get that message to go away.

    While this unit is a case, I do not recommend using it as your primary mode of protection. If you drop your iphone, face down, the screen is not protected at all and could crack!

    To me, the unit is a bit "bulky" - my friend has the Mophie that they sell at the Apple store, and his looks a lot sleeker and sexier, but Apple sells that one for $79 bucks, so i guess you get what you pay for.

    Build quality - it does seem a bit cheap and plastiky, but with care should hold up well. Mine came with a slightly bent charging port on the bottom, but I didn't have any problems plugging my iphone charger into it.

    Access to all iphone buttons - FAIL. The power button is covered up a bit on the top and I had to use my finger nail to turn the power on! This gets annoying if you like to quickly flip the phone off and slide it back into your pocket! Access to volume control is good though. Vibrate switch can be a bit of a trick, but overall not too much of an issue.

    Accessory Access - You will not be able to plug this into any docking accessories, you will need to remove your iphone from the Apocket device to use most accessories.

    Camera - Works fine with the apocket on your phone - although I wonder if the deeper hole around your camera could affect specific lighting situations - I didn't notice anything myself personally!

    And now for the most important aspect... Battery Life. I used my phone all day long, and the Apocket finally died around 8pm - but my phone was FULLY charged, so I was able to continue. Upon my return home at 2am from the airport, I still have 80% of my battery left, this after being in airports, using the ipod all day, playing games on the phone, texting, emailing, calling, etc. I'd have to say this device does its job of giving you power on the go.

    Overall, I would recommend this device to anyone who needs extra power and doesn't have $80 bucks to spring for the fancier Mophie Juice Pack Air. However, if style and build quality are an issue for you, I would recommend paying the extra $55 bucks and getting the Mophie. Since I normally don't need extra juice except when I'm traveling, I am happy with my purchase and will always have it with me when I travel (which is only 2-3 times a year). ;)
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    Nice read/review. The major turn off is not being able to access the power button completely. For the price though it's a no brainer.
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    There are so many more alternatives to the Juice Pack ... this one included. Nice write up.

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