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May 3, 2011
The 4-Port USB 3.0 Hub from Inateck offers a simple 4 port USB 3.0 hub as well as an additional 2A USB fast charging port.
Included in the package is a USB 3.0 4-Port, USB 3.0 Cable and a 5V/4A Power Adapter.
The USB hub itself is small and light due to its plastic construction, with a nice clean design. There is a power button on the top that allows you to power on the charging port on the right side of the hub for any devices that require a higher USB power output for charging such as a retina iPad. This port does not support data transfer however so you cannot both sync and charge at the same time, you would need to use one of the front facing USB 3.0 ports for that at the expense of charging time. The four ports on the front are all true USB 3.0 ports but remember that the hub is attached to a single USB 3.0 port on your computer so if all ports are in use at the same time, you may not see full USB 3.0 speeds with a given device as the host connection may be saturated. Above each of these front facing ports is an LED to indicate a connection.
On the rear of the unit are the sockets for the supplied USB 3.0 and power adapter cables. Because the power adapter provides 4A of power, that should provide enough power for all five USB ports to be in use at the same time.
The only issue I had read about this product related to the use of an external USB DVD drive but when I tested this for myself with a third party drive, I found it worked flawlessly.

If you are looking for a small and discreet, powered USB hub, this unit from Inateck ticks all the boxes. The four USB 3.0 hubs are front facing for easy access with enough room to allow multiple devices to be connected at the same time. The side facing charging port is a real bonus when you have those power hungry mobile devices that are looking for a quicker charge and all things considered, this USB hub comes highly recommended.

More details at

I got this from®-Charging-Samsung-Computers-Smartphone/dp/B00GT7LDDG/

Video review:


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