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Discussion in 'iPod touch' started by Jagadis, Oct 10, 2007.

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    So now that I've been playing with me 8GB iPod Touch for about a week, I thought I would post a short review. To put things into perspective, this is my 5th iPod and I'm a long time Mac user. I currently connect my iPod Touch up to my main home office computer which is a 20" Intel Core Duo iMac.

    The unit itself is quick slick and I've spent more time with this new iPod than any other previous unit. I think what makes the iPod Touch so cool is that you can use it for a variety of different purposes. In the past, I basically used my iPod to listen to music while relaxing or traveling on a plane. With the IPT, you find yourself doing a bunch of new things including watching movies, looking at Youtube clips, browsing through your iPhoto library and most importantly, browsing the internet.

    The reason I say "most importantly" is that this new iPod as good as any other iPod when it comes to listening to music, but what makes is really shine is web browsing. Not only does the Safari browser work well, but when coupled with the IPT's "touch" interface, you end up with the most useful portable browser that I've every had the experience of using. Not only does it faithfully render just about every website, forum, etc, but it is extremely useable despite the tiny display. This contrasts very strongly with the web browser on my Blackberry 8830 which is extremely awkward to use. I'm actually finding myself laying in bed at night with my IPT browsing through forums like MacRumors instead of reading a book, etc. How cool is that? Yes...typing on the virtual keyboard is a bit clunky but you quickly get used to it and after a while its second nature.

    Youtube is also quite cool. The search capability is fast and you can chew up hours of time sitting on the couch flipping through hundreds of different clips. The IPT version is in some ways better than the computer version. Its simpler to use and flicking through lists of clips with your finger is fast and efficient. This app is just another good reason to spend more time with your IPT and provides a brand new form of portable entertainment.

    Movies also work quite well. I ripped the Extended Versions of Lord of the Rings Two Towers and Return of the King using Handbrake's iPhone settings and the quality of the video is excellent. The two videos represent about 8.5 hours of video and these videos occupy about 3.5GB of my 8GB IPT's memory. Some of you might argue that the 8GB IPT is not big enough but I really don't want to carry my entire music and video collection around with me. 2GB of Music and 8-10 hours of DVDs is more than enough entertainment for most of my business trips.

    The photo portion of the IPT surprised me a bit. I really didn't think I would use this feature as I didn't want to chew up my limited storage with all my iPhoto albums. This afternoon, I sync'ed the unit up with a couple of albums and was quite pleased to see that the IPT actually reduced the resolution of the photos before storing them in the iPod. I loaded up three albums with about 500 photos and I'd be surprised if it occupies more than 250MB on the IPT. This is perfect! Browsing through the photos is as easy as flicking your finger and pinching to zoom in/out works as expected. This is a nice extra.

    The Music Store works as expected and previewing sound clips from the entire iTunes store is definitely a nice time waster :) The other features like the calculator, clock , etc. are also nice little extras. In truth, I can't wait to see if Apple (or other third parties) release some cool apps for this thing. Games would definitely be an interesting addition as well as mapping programs, stock market, and other widget type applications that I can download on my iMac.

    So what don't I like? Not much so far. I haven't experienced any of the screen issues everyone else seems to be bugged about. No dead pixels or any other warts. The only thing that bugs me a bit is that the screen and chrome case seem to get soooooo greasy with fingerprints and grunge. I'm also a bit worried about the shiny back of the iPod getting scratched. I'm waiting for someone to come out with a nice clear plastic case and I'll solve that problem relatively quickly.

    I'm totally satisfied with my new purchase and this new iPod is probably one of the most innovative little toys that I've played with in a while. The question I always ask myself when I get a new toy like this is...."if I took this thing 10 years back in time and showed it to some friends....what would they think?". I think the answer to this question is quite obvious. They would be floored!!! If you haven't picked one of these things up yet....make it so!!! Its lots of fun!!

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