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Apr 12, 2001

Many cases for the iPad Pro add a lot of unnecessary bulk, a problem the Oxford Leather Case from Pad & Quill solves through the clever use of adhesive. Featuring a simple book-style design that offers full front and back protection, the Oxford Leather iPad Pro Case uses a strong adhesive to hold the iPad Pro firmly in place while leaving it free to be used with the Smart Keyboard.


Opening a Pad & Quill product is fun because Pad & Quill excels at packaging. The Oxford Case came wrapped in a simple bit of thick brown paper, sealed with red wax and the Pad & Quill insignia. It's tasteful packaging and I always enjoy when manufacturers put a little effort into the unwrapping experience.


Pad & Quill's Oxford Case, like many of its products, is carefully crafted by hand from high-quality leather. In this case, it's made from a single piece of full-grain bridle leather and comes in two colors: Whiskey and Chestnut. An expensive, high-quality leather pairs nicely with Apple's larger-screened tablet, and the Oxford's design looks like it will work equally well in business and casual situations.


Leather like this will change and age over time, giving each Oxford case a unique, broken-in look to add personality, so that's something to keep in mind when considering this option. Inside the case, there's a softer leather to protect the iPad's screen, and there's also an interior pocket to hold papers and the Apple Pencil.

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Article Link: Review: Pad & Quill's Oxford Case for iPad Pro Works With Apple's Smart Keyboard


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Sep 23, 2012
A leather folder with tape to hold the device in and an elastic strap to keep it shut -- not exactly well engineered.



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Oct 22, 2014
Toronto, ON
This looks really, really great, but adhesive tape to hold the iPad? No thank you. I prefer a case from which the device can easily be swapped in and out without struggling and/or degrading the case or even the device itself.
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Feb 5, 2011
Looks nice, but ouch ... That price. After exchange rate, it's quite cost prohibitive.


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Sep 20, 2002
Check out the reviews before wasting $130 on this. The reviews on Pad & Quill's website are censored, so take them with a grain of salt.

This "article" really needs "Advertorial" added to the title & a price in the title would be nice instead of hiding it at the end of the article.


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Oct 5, 2006
Another victim of the Hipster tax.

"Opening a Pad & Quill product is fun because Pad & Quill excels at packaging."

Really? this is a thing?

"how do you like your new case?"
"well its alright, I have to use some sticky strips but it's real animal skin"
"that's amazing, is it fun?"
"hell yes, but only when I opened it."

So I carry the iPad pro in this case, and in my bag also carry the keyboard, which is half a case and a cover built in.
Surely this utterly defeats the object of using the smart keyboard. You may as well carry a small bluetooth keyboard instead. Perhaps one to fit under ones trilby.

The best combination (not the most cost-effective) is the Apple case. The back cover, then the keyboard or the normal cover. I use them both. Back cover stays on, just take whichever cover you want around with you - but hey guess what - it's attached to my iPad and guess what again.. it doesn't need glue.. keep it under your hat.


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Mar 22, 2012
Can you get a covering / skin covering only the back of iPad Pro?

I have the Smart Keyboard. When closed, it covers the glass but leaves the back exposed. I want to prevent scratches on the back.


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Oct 5, 2006
Can you get a covering / skin covering only the back of iPad Pro?

I have the Smart Keyboard. When closed, it covers the glass but leaves the back exposed. I want to prevent scratches on the back.

Fortunately The Apple case does just thst


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Nov 16, 2006
Unusually for a pad & quill product it looks nice but the idea of using adhesive to attach the ipad is pretty crazy.
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Jan 16, 2016
Genuine hipster chewing gum.
Love it. Super case. I found that you need really good case, really good keyboard (like Logitech), and really good lamp (like Lumiy) to make the Pro a good artist pad. You need to be able to carry it, write on it, and use it for long periods (ambient lighting is a must)!.


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Jun 13, 2016
I purchased this case and absolutely love it. The leather is high quality and the construction is excellent. The adhesive tape works perfectly. Not one concern about its strength. I don't like cases where you have to slide in an iPad or click one in and have the case cover portions of the iPad. This case with my iPad Pro is so lean and thin as there is no extra material needed. So thin, it looks like a portfolio rather than an iPad. I have a full view of the iPad, both front and all sides. I am getting many compliments on the case. Glad I found it. And yes....adhesive...seriously! ;-) Works perfectly.
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