Review: Pinlo Slice 3


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Dec 1, 2012
Hey guys, so I wanted to do a quick review on the Pinlo Slice 3 with some pics.

The Good:

Design: This case is sexy. The thing I look for in a case is coverage around all corners. This case covers the top and bottom of the case, as pictured. The corners, however, do have notches in the corners that leave the i6 exposed. Not a big deal though.

Slim: At 0.4mm, it's really slim. It feels like there's nothing on the i6.

Cutouts: The cutouts are great, fit my Skullcandy Fix-in Ear headphones, as well as the lightning cables. The power, volume and mute buttons are all exposed and easily accessible.

The Bad:

Slim: The case is so slim it doesn't allow for a lay on the table design without making contact with your protruding camera. I know it's sapphire glass, but this could still bother the OCD folk.

Slippery: The case isn't very grippy. It's solid, matte finished. It won't slip out of your hands, but in an unguarded moment it could be a problem.

Drops: This case will not in any way shape and form protect from falls. It will be scratch protective, that's about it.

Overall: This is a great slim case that exceeds expectations! Over time I might lean towards something a little more protective, but this is nice for now!



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Mar 12, 2008
It looks like the mic is covered! Or is it just the angle? (pic 3)


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Dec 1, 2012
Great pics, looks like a nice dark transparent color.
Does the apple logo show through the back?
Where did you get it from?
The Apple Logo shows through the back... I'll update with some pics of the back later if you'd like. I ordered the case from their website (click here)


It looks like the mic is covered! Or is it just the angle? (pic 3)
Never noticed that, but the mic on the camera IS covered. I haven't had any issues using my speaker phone, however.


any idea if this case will work with the lightning-to-30-pin-adapter?
Works like a charm.


Thanks for the review.....
no protection for camera..... no good.....
The camera does protrude a little bit, so I am also kind of cautious when I lay the phone on the table. It's sapphire crystal, though, so I'm hoping that there is a higher level of scratch resistance.


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May 6, 2011
Has anyone picked up a clear one?
I have a clear one. Don't like notches on the corners. And the headphone jack cutout in the bottom is extremely large and ill fitting. Waiting for my Shumuri to come in the mail.


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Sep 13, 2014
It looks like the mic is covered! (pic 3)
What in the world...

Why would a case maker do that? :confused:

Edit: looks like on their website they based the Slice 3 off of a demo model that doesn't even have a mic.