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Discussion in 'iPhone Accessories' started by AE14, Nov 23, 2015.

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    Poetic Revolution for the iPhone 6s Plus

    I was provided this case for free for an unbiased review. So a big thank you to Poetic for this opportunity to share my opinions. The Revolution is a 2-piece case with a built in screen protector. (I will get to the screen protector soon)

    First lets start with the good:

    · Protective- I honestly feel that I could drop this case off of my roof and my phone would be fine. It is large for sure, however, if the size is not a hindrance to you, then the protection that is offered to you is truly excellent.

    · Cost- I believe that this is on the market through amazon for $19.95. In comparison with other protective cases of the same ilk, I could likely get 3 Revolutions for the cost of 1 Otterbox Defender. The cost for this level of protection is second to none.

    · Lanyard loop- historically I have hated anything like this attached to a phone. However, as someone who travels to amusement parks, and is outdoors quite a bit, I am greatly impressed with the construction on this. Unless it is dropped from an excessive height, I do not see this being a weak point to the case.

    · Stand- anyone who has read anything from me knows I absolutely HATE stands on phone cases. I love my Spigen slim armor, but I despise that stand. Its weak and offers little durability. Poetic got it right. This is a heavy duty stand that will keep the phone in multiple positions. Really well done on this Poetic!

    Needs Work

    · Screen Protector- touch sensitivity is average at best. To be honest, it popped out my second time putting it on the phone. You are better off with a glass screen protector with this case.

    · Ease of taking on/off- this could truly go either way. It is exceptionally difficult to take this case off. There are slots in the corner to be able to do it, but I hope you have nails

    · No mil spec- I would have liked to have seen a rating on this. However, I feel comfortable at 6 feet which is roughly my head height. I would not be fearful in the least.


    · This will be my go to protective case. It cannot be beat for $19.99. Just take the screen out, and you truly have a tank that can be taken anywhere.

    · Excellent job Poetic!
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    I also received one of these Revolution cases from Poetic in exchange for an honest review. Instead of starting my own thread, I figured I'd keep things tidy and add my review here.

    I'm not into big cases as a general rule. I like slim cases generally, especially on a phone as big as the 6S Plus.

    I'm surprised I like this case as much as I do. I'll start with what I don't like, as it's not much.

    Don't like...
    The built in screen protector. It's way too thick, and takes the sensitivity of the screen way down. I frequently press and nothing happens. If I were Poetic, I'd definitely consider make this a little thinner, though I know this is supposed to be an ultra rugged case, so that's the point.

    The lanyard loop. It's really big. I can see this being really handy if you want to clip it to your belt, but unless you're using it for that, it's totally in the way.

    The grip is pretty good. It's not a particularly grippy case, but it's not slippery either. The weight of the phone plus added weight of the case makes it stay in hand.

    The kickstand is awesome! Best I've ever seen on a case. It's sturdy as heck. I can see this lasting. I've had some cases in the past with pathetic kickstands, but this thing is top notch.

    Like the reviewer above, I also would throw my phone off my roof with this case on with total confidence. It's thick and tough. The only way you're breaking your phone in this case is by beating it with a hammer.

    I'm not sure if I'll end up using this case, as again, I don't really like cases that bulk up phablets even more. But if you work in construction or some other physical, dirty, dangerous field, this case would be pretty ideal.

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