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    Once again, Inateck was kind enough to send me one of their products to review. This time it was their portable speaker BTSP-10 Plus. This is my humble opinion after using it for a few days.

    For me, the main thing when it comes to a speaker is the sound quality. And, because it's a portable speaker, the battery life must be decent and the weigh should be reasonable.

    To my surprise, the Inateck BTSP-10 was way better than what I expected. The audio was incredibly clean and noise-free, vocals were super clear, and the bass, one of the things I care the most, was surprisingly cool. To be honest, this little thing sounds better than my old Corolla's speakers.

    Speaking of little, the BTSP-10 is also super small and lightweight. The sound/size/weight relationship clearly indicates that this is a modern product. One of my previous portable bluetooth speakers, which also happens to be way heavier, does not even come close to the quality of this device, even at twice the size. (For precise details about the size and weight please check the website at the end of the review).

    The main use I give this little guy is every Sunday, when we are having our weekly bbq in the backyard with my friends and family. We used to compete to see who had the loudest phone, but now my speaker wins by far. I have used it for around 5 hs non-stop, but I wasn't able to run out of juice yet. Inateck claims that the battery lasts 9 hours, and it doesn't seem so crazy after all.

    Lastly, I think it's worth mentioning that the speaker has a pretty interesting design. The speaker itself is a rectangle with hexagons shapes all around the body. It has a button to pair the device, volume up and volume down, and also an ON/OFF switch. The speaker recharges its 2100 mAh battery through a micro usb port, and it also enables you to input your music through a regular "AUX" 3.5mm cable. Included in the box comes a microfiber carrying pouch, a micro usb cable, and a 3.5mm male to male cable.


    To summarize: if you want music on the go, then I guarantee that this is the best deal you can get. Even if you have money for more expensive brands, you won't get anything that's worth the difference. And that is because the BTSP-10 is really affordable.

    Again, if you are interested, I encourage you to give it a try. Inateck's customer service will be there to help if you are not satisfied. For pricing and more info, check their website: http://www.inateck.com/bluetooth-speaker-btsp10-plus-inateck/

    If you have any questions, please let me know.

    Thanks for reading!

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