Review: QardioBase 2 Smart Scale Offers Major Improvements Over Original Model

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    Qardio, known for its line of iPhone-connected health-related products, recently unveiled its second-generation scale, the QardioBase 2 Smart Scale and Body Analyzer.

    QardioBase 2 is designed for tracking your weight as you aim to hit fitness goals. It measures not only weight, but also tracks body mass index and body composition, including muscle, bone, fat, and water content in the body.


    QardioBase 2, as the name suggests, is Qardio's second iPhone-connected smart scale. I reviewed the original QardioBase last year and was not impressed with the unstable design, but Qardio has made some significant improvements to its second-generation model and it's a much better product.

    Original QardioBase on left, QardioBase 2 on right​

    QardioBase 2 is a simple circle-shaped scale with a clean white glass top that has some simple accent lines on the front. There's a silver Qardio logo button at the bottom and several hidden LEDs under the glass that allow the scale to display weight and other information.


    I tested the white version of the QardioBase 2, but there's also a black color option to choose. Both the white and the black versions have black bases with rubber feet to keep the scale secure on the floor.

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  2. ednature macrumors newbie

    Oct 12, 2017
    I had the Qardio Base 2 for three weeks before returning it to the manufacturer for a refund (minus shipping costs!). It is clearly an improvement over the previous model but it still has connectivity problems. Often failed to sync with the Health app, lost BT connection to the phone even when two feet away. Spent so much time fussing with it that I returned to my old scale and just tapped the data in manually. Juli apparently had better luck than I did!
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    Thanks for adding your feedback here, always good for people to have multiple perspectives. You're right that I didn't see any of these connectivity issues in my testing, but I'll update the review if I have problems over a longer period of time. Maybe it was a faulty unit? Mine seems to sync data over right away and the Health app has stayed updated. Using an iPhone 7 Plus with it.
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    Aug 19, 2014
    I just bought a $70 "Greater Goods" weight scale on Amazon by "Weight Gurus" that tracks up to 8 users and pretty much instantly sync's to your phone over wifi and works with Fitbit, Google Fit, MyFitnessPal, Apple Health, Amazon Echo and a number of other providers/apps. It also calculates all of the same information as this scale does. It is square shaped but has the same nice glass style top. Whats the point in spending the extra $80 on this scale???? You should have at least compared this one to some of the other popular smart scales out there in my opinion rather than only compare to the original.
  5. joueboy macrumors 65816

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    I’m telling you, I got this $27 iPhone connected smart scale from Amazon. That was an significant upgrade from a regular scale. I’m not sure about paying $100 or more, maybe their app is more polished. Other than that I don’t see anymore benefits, unless I guess it can talk to you and remind you and encourage you all the time. But then again that starts to get annoying. :D
  6. Ad13 macrumors regular

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    I had the original QardioBase and it was a disaster. Unstable and inaccurate. This second version is brilliant. It’s accurate, stable, has had none of the connectivity problems described above. It’s kind of looks good too, although they do play on the fact that is ‘beautiful’ way too much. There’s a reason why scales are usually square, and having round scales does feel a bit wrong.

    I also have the QardioArm blood pressure monitor with is a really nice product. Combined with their app, I really like this health suite. It’s a massive improvement and step forward for Qardio.
  7. odin macrumors member

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    So it sounds like it can support two users and switch automatically between the two? Question because just after that it sounds like you have to tap between.

    Are the two users able to do this with two separate phones and accounts?
  8. Ad13 macrumors regular

    Sep 23, 2015
    Sale, Cheshire
    Yeah it takes the measurement for each person automatically with no tapping, unless the person isn’t automatically identified (if you’ve put loads of weight on and not been on the scale for months). Account set up on separate phones work perfectly. There’s a really neat sharing stats function with the other account too.

    As far as I’m also aware, there’s more than two users allowed too. Not sure where this info has come from
  9. odin macrumors member

    Jul 22, 2002
  10. chaicka macrumors newbie

    Oct 6, 2012
    Any idea how does this compare to the "Nokia Body Cardio Scale" besides the price difference?

    I saw this Qardio one uses bioimpedence method. Not sure what does Nokia means by 'Advanced pulse wave velocity'. Is it the same/similar tech?
  11. Ad13, Oct 13, 2017
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    Ad13 macrumors regular

    Sep 23, 2015
    Sale, Cheshire
    I have had almost all WiFi scales. Withings cardio, Withings Body, iHealth, Qardio (v1 & v2).

    The Withings (now Nokia) was okay, but the app was awful. It tried to do too much. As they have an activity tracker, you always felt like they didn’t really fully support the Apple Watch as they see it as a competitor. The Withings Blood Pressure Monitor is extremely hit and miss. I wanted to use one company for all of their products. I sold it and replaced it with the QardioBase 2 and the QardioArm.

    I’m more than happy with the products and the app is simple and effective.
  12. PsykX, Oct 13, 2017
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    Nice purchase Juli !

    I have the Yunmai 2 which was released maybe 4 months ago, it's also a great scale, slightly less expensive. The app looks similar, the dotted screen looks similar, the surface coating looks similar, the accuracy looks good on both... They don't announce it, but I think the Yunmai 2 is dustproof (from my point of view), I couldn't say the same with the QardioBase 2.

    I got to admit though, I prefer the hardware design of the QardioBase 2. The round shape is simply amazing, especially the conic shape when you look at it from a lower perspective.

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