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Apr 12, 2001

Satechi this summer launched its first HomeKit-compatible product, the Dual Smart Outlet, a HomeKit plug that turns dumb appliances and electronics into smart electronics that can work alongside other HomeKit products.

There are quite a few HomeKit-enabled smart plugs on the market, but Satechi's version is relatively compact and offers some bells and whistles that not all HomeKit plugs provide.


Design wise, the Dual Smart Outlet is made from an unobtrusive white plastic, and it offers two separate HomeKit plugs. It plugs into a standard socket horizontally, leaving the other socket of your standard dual socket outlet free to use. Satechi's Smart Outlet is one of the better space saving plugs on the market, even though it's not exactly small.

Other options from companies like iHome or Wemo take up similar amounts of space, but offer just one smart outlet. There are some smaller single plug options on the market that are better picks if you only need a single smart outlet, but Satechi's is a good way to connect two devices.

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Article Link: Review: Satechi's Dual Smart Outlet Offers HomeKit Compatibility and Power Monitoring


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Feb 13, 2005
Plugs are nice and power monitoring sounds interesting, but I would rather just install a smart outlet in a junction box.

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Feb 24, 2011
Oklahoma City, OK
Looks great and my first thought is that you can stack them on an outlet but that would cover up the 2 buttons if you ever needed to turn on a device manually. That kinda sucks.


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Apr 19, 2010
Koogeek has a HomeKit 3-port power strip for $60 (sometimes ~$45 on sale), also with power monitoring, that throws in (uncontrolled) USB charging:

VOCOlinc makes essentially the same product as the Koogeek for $60:

I've been using the Koogeek power strip for over a year, switching outlets several times a day. It's great. No affiliation, just a customer.
HomeKit never works though!!!!

I have dozens of HomeKit devices that I use all day daily. No solution is perfect, but HomeKit doesn't sell me out for ads (or worse).
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Aug 15, 2001
The Cool Part of CA, USA
Leaving aside any of the HomeKit features, $60 for a logging, networked power meter is a pretty good buy if it does so accurately and consistently. I can think of applications I’d buy one for based on that functionality alone, even if I couldn’t turn what was connected to it on and off.
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