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Discussion in 'iPhone Accessories' started by Repelle, Jan 16, 2016.

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    Phone cases generally fall into two camps; sleeves and shells. Personally I've always preferred the former, they don't spoil the form of the device, but still protect enough from dust and during transport. I'm typically very caring of my electronics and haven't yet dropped a phone, if you're a klutz however, you might want to look elsewhere.

    I've used a number of sleeves with different devices, some of the best being from Sena, FitBag and Spigen (Too bad they only made their hard-leather slip for the iPhone 5).

    So this case comes in two versions, the UltraSlim Classic and the Heritage UltraSlim. There is very little difference between them, the Heritage has an additional seam sewn in on the bottom panel and possibly softer leather. For my money the Heritage is the nicer of the two, coming in a Cognac brown which complements the gold iPhone 6S Plus very nicely. I suppose you could say that the Heritage would be more at home alongside a tweed jacket and shotgun, where as the Classic is more urban warrior.

    First unboxing impressions are excellent. The case ships in a quality push-fit box with the Sena branding.


    Opening the box, we are presented with a pretty cool but sadly useless drawstring bag. I suppose it adds to the feel of a premium product if nothing else. Maybe gift it to someone for their birthday/Christmas present if you are broke/cheap/don't like them.


    So here is the case in its full glory. The construction is generally excellent, the leather grain is particularly smooth with nice natural patterns that run throughout. The stitching quality is first-rate, and the leather is very supple, unlike some of those nasty "pleather" cases which cost significantly less.

    The fit is neither too tight nor too loose, it also gives slightly over time being a natural product. I've found the easiest way to remove the 6S Plus, is to grip the top of the phone with a thumb and forefinger and then whilst holding the sides of the case, pull the phone out. I don't receive many calls on my phone, but I could see that a slip case could be an annoyance if you constantly need quick access. Typically I use the device on my schedule, so this is not a concern.


    The case is stitched only on one side with the seam exposed inside the case. Unfortunately Sena have seen fit to use a particularly tough thread to sew the sleeve. This has been an issue right back to when I had examined the iPhone 5 version. I remember a number of complaints that the Classic sleeve was actually scoring the anodised sides of the iPhone. Thankfully this one has not done any such thing, either Apple's anodising process has improved or the sleeves have.


    The inside is lined with a soft herringbone lining. The added benefit is that every time you use the case, you are cleaning the screen of grease. Sure if you have heavy skin oils it might not help much, but if you don't like me, its effect is not to be underestimated.


    Sooooo..... to sum up then, top quality, minimal bulk, stylish and won't take away from the aesthetic of your iPhone (They didn't pay me).

    Comes highly recommended if it fits with your lifestyle. Just make sure to check that inner side-seam BEFORE you put your iPhone in there. If the stitching feels exceptionally coarse or sharp, do not use it, exchange the case for one that doesn't exhibit the problem!
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    Sena has always made high quality leather products. Their packaging hasn't changed in over 15 years. Same box, same drawstring bag. Just a touch of class. (Why does a bottle of Crown need a drawstring bag?)

    I used only Sena cases on my Treo phones back in the day.
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    Nice write up! I have the same case in black and I agree it's a great case!!
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    I'll admit that I didn't know they had been around so long. I've only used them back to the iPhone 5.

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    Very nice sir! I would certainly go with blue for a space grey iPhone.

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