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Jul 12, 2007
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Company: SoundID
Product: SIX
Price: $129.99
Website http://www.soundid.com/
Description: SoundID SIX with The power of EarPrint™ for iPhone®, Blackberry® & Android® smart phones. Patented VoiceMenu technology is Sound ID’s answer to Voice Recognition. Unlike voice recognition, Voice Menu is discrete in public and is insensitive to noise. You can also activate VoiceDial, BING 411, Google Voice and other services with Voice Menu. ActiveConnect multi-point A2DP allows users to connect two Bluetooth A2DP media devices – mobile phone, iPad, Music Player, Tablets, Mac or PCs, or other bluetooth enabled device. These revolutionary technologies paired with the sleek Clear Carbon Smart Touch Surface makes the SIX the perfect match for today’s most advanced smart phones and devices.

Unboxing: The SoundID SIX packaging has a very modern feel to it. With its hard plastic clear cover to it’s white insert and grey/silver exterior. Inside we found the headset mounted with clear plastic giving it a hovering affect int he middle of the case. Underneath the white plastic insert reviled two compartments with all the additional accessories.


AC charger measuring about 1inch on all sides
USB charging cable measuring about 8.5inches
3 Sizes of real comfort ear loops
Ear hook for over the ear wearing.
Initial thoughts:

I was very please and excited receiving this product for review. The packaging and material looks very good with a solid feel. After seeing advertisements online I wondered how the touch system would work on carbon fiber. I was pleasantly surprised to see that it really isn’t carbon fiber but a holographic carbon fiber image underneath the touch sensitive glass(I really like the look). I tried on all of the included comfort ear loops and ended up using the larger one. The real comfort ear parts are the same size its just the loops that varies in size. When I put the headset on I was surprised how light it was. It felt way lighter then my current Jawbone era. The headset felt secure on and at no time did it feel like it was going to fall out of my ear at. However it did feel a bit different in my ear. You do not get the feeling of a seal like you do with other headset if felt as if it was barely in my ear. This could be contributed to the funnel design of the comfort ear piece.

APP: EarPrint

EarPrint is SoundID’s own mobile App that lets you personalize the headset by giving you control over things like the tone, Voice menu, Visual Battery indicator, sound level meter, in-call status indicator and Pass through mode. Earprint can also help you find your phone in the event it’s lost by sending beeps to the headset to asset you in tracking it down.

Review: after 3 days of use

I have spent about a dozen hours over the last 3-4 days with the SoundID SIX. I feel Jawbone finally has some competition. I love how light this headset is you really do forget it is there. Syncing and setup went off with out any problems.With talking or listening to music the HD Sound quality is there, being able to fine tune the tone is a huge plus. The touch sensitive surface was very responsive however, I didn’t use it much I set it to max and left it there. Noise cancelation worked very well in all environments. To test the noise cancelation I made a phone call while I was driving my car with all the windows open and music at reasonable level. SoundID SIX passed with flying colors. The person on the other end of the conversation was able to hear me clearly and could only tell there was something going on when I mentioned it and is they listened closely for it.

Final Thoughts:

SoundID has hit the nail on the head there new headset design with the SIX. They have a contender and will give jawbone a run for there money. Having a mobile app gives them an edge however some things like voice menu will become obsolete with Siri out now. I have no dought that If SoundID continues to develop and evolve and doesn’t forget about adding that bit of style this company will take off…


We here at lifewithtech would like to thank Monica of Signal Rack Communications for supplying us with the SoundID SIX for review.

Thank you
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