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Jun 15, 2010
Citrus Heights, CA
Spigen is always at the forefront making some of the most innovative and unique products you can find for your iPad and iPhone. Even though the premise of the Hardbook case is nothing new being that is shares the similar book style that many other brands have done before the actual execution of the Hardbook case is definitely one of a kind. Make sure to read ahead for the full review of the Spigen SGP Hardbook. S Series Case for the New iPad and see why Spigen has a reputation as a leader in todays crowded market.

One of my favorite iPad cases to date happens to share the same overall book design as the Hardbook case. There are very different features that separate the Hardbook from other similar cases that may seem identical. One of the first things that jumps out at you about the Hardbook is the finish to the case. The black/silver color option we have here is definitely one of the more unique and eye catching looks you can cover your iPad with. In certain light situations the case has a metallic look to it that looks extremely nice in person.

When you look closely at the finish of the case you see it is actually made of a hard paper material that really gives off that book feel that is the overall theme of the case. There is a nice cross hatch pattern to the paper when looking very close up that has a nice texture and feel.

Opening the case you can see what sets the Hardbook apart from the rest. The Hardbook uses an internal snap case/back cover that is fastened to the Hardbook which is made of a soft touch material. The snap case is very solid especially since it’s lined in the soft touch material which will last much longer than the flimsy plastic some other snap cases use.

Inserting your iPad into the snap case is a simple task and fits very well. The top and bottom borders of the iPad are left open and the only areas where the case snaps in is the corners and the two vertical sides of the iPad. Even though the top and bottom of the iPad are left open the case still fits very well and stays put even when trying to shake it loose.

There is also a generous cutout on the back of the Hardbook for your iPad’s camera that is a welcomed addition. I would suggest in the future that Spigen take a cue from Portenzo in the future and change the placement of the elastic strap so it covers the camera when closed. That is a killer feature that keeps your camera covered from dust and debris that should be included in this case.

The Hardbook case also has a nice horizontal stand for watching videos that is very easy to use. The case also has a very useful non-slip material inside the case that really does its job well and holds the iPad steady much better than a lot of the other cases out there that have a stand feature similar to this one. I like that Spigen didn’t decide to use ugly slots to secure the iPad into when in viewing mode and used this very nice non-slip material that has that extra grip to it while still having a nice clean look to it.

The case also has your normal sleep/wake function that has become a must in iPad cases. It doesn’t have a good magnetic hold to the cover however which is a bummer as this is a nice feature to have especially in a book style case like this.

The Hardbook is fastened together with a very high quality and thick elastic band that is much nicer than most if not all the other brands that attempt to use elastic bands on their cases. Other companies could take a cue from Spigen in regards to their band used as it is the best I have used to date.

I have to say Spigen really did a good job overall with the Hardbook case. While there are other options out there that cost just about the same price give or take you would be hard pressed to find another book style case that has the same unique finish and feel as the Hardbook. It does have some areas of improvement but for the most part I would recommend it to anyone looking for a very classy looking book style case for their New iPad.


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Jun 15, 2010
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Nov 9, 2011
Just ordered one yesterday. I was looking for a book style case and it was between this and the 12 South BookBook case. The BookBook I feel I would have gotten sick of after a week or so.


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Mar 30, 2011
I'm debating between this and the regular hardbook. I'm not so sure I'll like the "book like" material compared to the faux leather. The one thing that is nice about the hardbook.s is the fact that it has multiple viewing positions which I believe the regular hardbook does not. I had an incase book jacket and loved it even though it didn't have auto wake/sleep and didn't have robust viewing angle grooves. Decisions, decisions....
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