Review Tech 21 vs Magpul Iphone 6+(with pics)


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Oct 31, 2014
Just wanted to do a quick review of these two cases. I have had the Tech 21 Classic Tactical Black for about 2 months and its still my favorite case. I was excited to try the Magpul since I have some of their mags for my AK's and have always been impressed with their quality. While there is nothing inherently wrong with the Magpul, it doesn't feel as good in your hand and also seems to have a systematic manufacturing flaw. The pics you see with phones in them are both 6+'s with the Tech 21 (left,top) and Magpul(right,bottom) the picture you see close up with two cases on top of each other without phones in them are a 6 and 6+ Magpul case both with a gouge in the same spot. I have seen at least one other Magpul case post with a flaw in the same place. I, like many of the other MacRumors members have a case buying addiction that I feel will never be quenched! Along with these two cases I have Zagg Orbits(my second favorite with little pieces of duck tape added inside to stop the buttons from rattling) an Airybody(which hurts reception strength) Apple leather case(very nice but not very rugged obviously) Otterbox Symmetry(nice but big) and a Thule Atmos X3 which I just don't like. Hope this helps!



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Sep 28, 2013
Review Tech 21 vs Magpul Iphone 6+(with pics)

Have you looked at the Spigen Tough Armor? (First pic is the Magpul directly on top of the Spigen.)


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Jan 28, 2013
The manufacturing mark you're referring to, on the Magpul, is more than likely where they separate the cases after manufacturing. I've read they've always been there on all their cases. Having said that, there are minor mold marks on both of my Magpul cases and it doesn't bother me.

The one thing I dislike on the Tech 21 Tactical case is, the camera cutout is just too big. I'm not a fan of larger non-symmetrical cutouts around the camera lens.

Interestingly, Tech21 has significantly reduced and made the the camera lens cutout on their Evo Mesh model more symmetrical.
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Dec 4, 2014
Yep, this case buying can be quite an addiction.:eek: I have gone through quite a few on my 5s, and some of my favorites are the Magpul field case, Tech 21, and the Otterbox Symmetry. Recently it has been wearing the Magpul field case most of the time. Yes, the flaw that you speak of on the Magpul is normal, they all have it.