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    Jul 17, 2004
    Just a note:
    Apple uses Rev. A, Rev. B, etc. to denote different revisions internally. (And if they don't, a certain genius bar employee I know ought to be shot) We should do the same here-- it makes a bit of sense.

    Thus, we are at the:
    Rev. C iMac G5
    Rev. F 17" PowerBook Aluminium
    Rev. E 15" and 12" Powerbook Aluminium
    Rev. A Dual-Core PowerMac G5
    Rev. B Mac Mini
    Rev. D iBook G4

    The iPods:
    5G iPod
    1G iPod Nano
    1G iPod Shuffle

    Does this make sense to everyone? I'm hoping this will become something of a standard.

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