Rhapsody - Stubborn, just don't get it, or what?

Discussion in 'Apple, Inc and Tech Industry' started by JNB, Aug 6, 2008.

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    In today's USA Today (aka McNews), Rhapsody, even after losing about 50,000 subscribers this year (about a 3.5% drop), are plowing ever deeper into the subscription model.

    The most shockingly obtuse observation came from Rhapsody VP Tim Quirk, who baldly stated, "I liken it to paying your electric bill. You don't rent electricity."

    Whether he's just tossing BS, or he's that incredibly oblivious as to the inadequacy of that particular analogy, doesn't matter. Any executive, seemingly tech- and industry-savvy should be muzzled at least, and ideally taken to the woodshed for such an inane comparison.

    Since when did music become a utility? Or conversely, at what point did electric service become something to be placed in the expendable income category? Either way, unless they're counting on the 1.85 million (and steadily dwindling) subscribers to rent rabidly and make up the rest of the revenue streams from ringtones with Verizon, the only sound from Rhapsody will soon be a sour, flat note.
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    It's not the model that is broken. It's their poor software and the hard lock into Helix that is going to kill them.
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    I think that it is the model, in a way.

    Unless you have really eclectic tastes, how many of those five million songs are you going to listen to on a daily, weekly, monthly or annual basis? A few thousand? A few hundred?

    And chances are, your portable media player is an iPod, which doesn't work with the service, so that means you have to use your cellphone - assuming your cellphone has the capability to play the songs. And how much memory does the phone have so how many songs can you hold? A few dozen? A few score?

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