Ricepad. A new music making app now available on the App Store.

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    Ricepad - a modular environment for portable live music.

    Hello everyone,
    I'm happy to annouce that a new music making app is available on the Apple Store. Unlike many apps, Ricepad is highly oriented to live music. I've put a lot of effort to make something interesting that can be played for casual times for fun as well as for live performances.

    Here's a video!

    Play, Remix, Filter, Loop, Sample, Resample & Create Sound Sequences
    With Ricepad you create music by arranging objects called modules in a single chain. You start from existing sounds, freely available from the constantly updating library, importable from your computer (Mac/PC/Linux/…) or pastable from the clipboard of compatible apps, or you can use the mic line(*). Then the combination of modules you compose, divided between audio sources and effects, will manipulate the sound in an unexpectedly great number or ways.

    Oriented To Live Music Performances
    Ricepad allows you to create music that is immediately listenable to the audience: less editing and much more playing with the quick and simple interface. For example, if you like beat boxing, you can live record yourself through the mic, record a sequence and play it back as a loop, ready to be post processed, everything in sync with the bpm, e.g. quantized at 1/16. Nearly every interaction can be quantized, even the preview of audio clips when you want to set up a drum kit.

    Inspirations On The Go With Your iPad, iPhone & iPod Touch
    Ricepad has an extensive set of modules and offers many different techniques to create music easily and quickly, leaving room to unleash your creativity. Every new idea can be saved as a session to be later re-opened for future use. This makes it suitable for casual and short plays, as well as for long and more structured live performances.

    Check it out at www.ricecode.com
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    I checked out your video... seems like an interesting concept (I commented on the video.) I look forward to checking it out once it is released. Could be a nice addition to my other music apps.
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    Oh I thought the thread was about one of those chinese iPad knock-offs.

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