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    Hello everyone,

    I finished having a rather lengthy and frustrating phone conversation with a Fido CSR. He informed me that because I did not have a Data Plan I would be charged when I used WiFi except at one of the Rogers or Fido Hot Spots. I pressed that this was incorrect and made him confirm this with someone several times and eventually had him contact one of the technical representatives. Although I did not speak with the technical representative the CSR formed me that he had told him that I would not be charged while on my own WiFi network but if I was walking down the street and connected to an open network, I would be charged for that. How does this work?

    When he initially said that I would be charged for WiFi regardless where I connected he said that the Internet Service Provider would recognize that I was on a phone, and not a computer and would therefore charge the cellular company (Fido) and then Fido would in turn charge me. He however did not know at what rates I would be charged for this.

    It seems this concern was cleared up and I in fact will NOT be charged using WiFi. I am still concerned though that because I do not have a data plan, I still might be charged for WiFi access. Perhaps the CSR forgot that I did not have a data plan and when he said I would not be charged for WiFi access this only applies to those who have a data plan.

    People with data plans are not charged for using WiFi but people without a data plan are?

    I don't have much confidence in the answer I was provided and am STILL not sure if I will be charged?

    Can anyone shine some light on this? Has anyone run into the same problem?

    I don't know who else to contact about this because he asked his supervisor(s) as well as someone in the technical department. Should I perhaps contact apple directly and ask about WiFi charges with or without a data plan?

    This seems to be absolutely absurd for apple or the canadian telecom people to do. We are already paying for the home internet for our laptops and computers, why would we be charged for using it on our phone?

    Thanks for any information you can provide.

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