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Discussion in 'Mac Pro' started by cohen777, Apr 8, 2017.

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    Come on Apple! Now that you have figured out we want an expandable maxed up Mac Pro that can take high end graphics cards (maybe two), drive bays (multiple), PCI slots, and everything else - this should not take an extra year of design.

    First, get on Intel's rear end and kick them into giving you a Kaby Lake or Cannonlake Xeon now. Second, get this Mac Pro out the door by this autumn, or at least demo it in Oct. with shipments starting in Jan. 2018. Don't you dare say we'll have this out by next year because that, in computer-speak, means 2019.

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    You can be sure that Intel is sharing those CPUs as soon as they have mostly functioning silicon. Their big customers get samples very early.

    Have you ever wondered by Dell/HP/Lenovo/... have systems in stock, ready to sell on the day Intel announces the CPU?

    A typical Intel CPU launch is:
    • share roadmaps and plans with big customers as early as possible
    • share prototype chips as soon as they're somewhat useful
    • share updated steppings as the chips mature
    • start producing the final chips
    • ship final chips to the customers so they can build systems and deploy them to the chain
    • Throw a party, announce the chips, and share the stage with the customers showing ready-to-buy systems
    Did you notice that the MacWorld SF 2013 unveiling of the MP6,1 took place at the "share updated steppings" phase of Ivy Bridge development. The MP6,1 had specs that matched no shipping Intel chips.
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