Right click MBP Retina 13" running Win 7

Discussion in 'MacBook' started by vigorito, Mar 23, 2013.

  1. vigorito macrumors regular

    May 18, 2012
    Hi i just install windows 7 on macbook pro retina 13" but i can manage how to set up right click and tap to click any help?
  2. simsaladimbamba

    Nov 28, 2010
    Did you install Boot Camp drivers? If so, go to the Task Bar on the right, where the time and other icons are visible, click on the Boot Camp* icon and go to Boot Camp Control Panel > Trackpad** to change the settings.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

  3. vigorito thread starter macrumors regular

    May 18, 2012

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