Ringtone Converter: Where is "iTunes Ringtone Library"?

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    Feb 8, 2012
    I'm trying to use Ringtone Converter, and I must be the only guy on the planet stupid enough to screw up its fairly straightforward instructions. I'm an iPhone newbie, in case that's not obvious from the message below.

    I used the App Store on my 3GS (32GB, 5.0.1) to purchase a nice song. Then I used Ringtone Converter to chop off the first 30 seconds of it. It appears to have successfully converted those 30 seconds into a ringtone. All this was done on the iPhone itself, without its being connected to a computer.

    Then I plugged it into my PC computer, figured out how to sync it (first time I've ever synced an iPhone), and synced it, I think. Now I'm looking at iTunes on the computer, clicked the Apps tab, and under "File Sharing" I see "Converter" listed on the left under Apps, and the title of the ringtone on the right under Converter Documents.

    I'm now looking at the "Ringtone Converter How-to" on the iPhone, and following the steps. I've saved the ringtone to the computer, in a directory I created for the purpose, and I'm now looking at Step 10. Step 10 says "Drop and drag ringtones into the 'iTunes Ringtones Library'."

    Here's the problem. I know how to drop-and-drag (normally I call it Drag and Drop, any difference?)... but I can't find anything anywhere, on iTunes, or my PC, or on the iPhone, called "iTunes Ringtone Library".

    What or where is it?

    Is that just a generic name for the directory I just created on my PC to save the ringtones in?

    Also, the next step (Step 11) says: Under "Devices" make sure your iPhone "Ringtones" tab is set to "Sync All Ringtones" and "Sync" your iPhone.

    Problem with this one is, there is no "Ringtones" tab under "Devices". There are seven tabs across the top, they are Summary, Info, Apps, Music, Movies, TV Shows, Photos. On the left sidebar under "Devices" is the name of my iPhone, and below that are four headings: Music, Movies, TV Show, Purchased.

    Anybody know where this "Ringtones" tab is supposed to be?

    Thanx all......
  2. normanbates macrumors regular

    Aug 24, 2011
    There is no ringtones library in iTunes until you add the first ringtone.

    Simply drag the ringtone file to the area on iTunes where it shows 'music, videos, etc etc' (not the one on devices but your normal library.

    It will then create a ringtones library
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    In my world
    Be sure to check iTunes-Preferences and make sure "Tones" has a checkmark on it to show in the left pane with everything else.

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