Ringtone Genius is On Sale, Save off $2

Discussion in 'iOS Apps' started by bright.wang, Jun 9, 2012.

  1. bright.wang macrumors newbie

    Jun 2, 2012

    Good News, The App is on sale for limited-time! Just $0.99, save off $2!
    After new version release, we will sale with original price $2.99.
    As Dragon Boat Festival coming, This app will markdown as $1.99 for three days(22nd Jun. - 24th Jun.).

    Best ringtone, the Ringtone Genius makes for you!

    Ringtone Genius is a very easy-to-use audio conversion software for iPhone and iPod touch. With it, you can easily to convert any of your favorite music ​​into ringtones. We currently support almost all audio formats, including mp3, wav, AAC, etc.The app is different from the other ringtone conversion software. You can upload your favorite songs to your phone via Wi-Fi, and you can manage file with ftp client. We also support recording, so you can also record sound of kitten, puppy, and the voice of nature, then make it as your ringtone. Basically, the app support to import iPod songs for conversion.

    ===== Features ======

    * Up to 5 minutes recording and convert.
    * Import from iPod library and convert
    * Client file management with wifi
    * iTunes connect and file transfer
    * Up to 40 seconds duration of ringtone
    * Muti-language support including English, Simplify Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Japaniese. More on the future.
    * Waveform display and easily adjust timeline range with gesture.
    * Support fade in and fade out effect

    ===== FAQ =====
    1. Method for how to setup ringtones for your device
    Method 1:
    >Open the iTunes left side of the "device", select the top right of the application, in the bottom of the "file sharing" on the left, select the application RGenius, and select files right, save to your computer.
    >Dragged these files directly into iTunes, select Ringtone at the top, and synchronize

    Method 2: Open RGenius Wi-Fi capability, use the ftp tool to connect the phone, then download songs which you want to convert, synchronize as method 1.

    2. Frequency about our app update
    As we succeed to develop this app, we never stop fix bugs and optimized, try to design and re-construct this app. And we will release a small version half a month.
    For better ideas, we hopefully listen and understand your reviews. You may contact us via email. ringtone@phpecho.net.

    *3. Why not set ringtone directly in my iPhone?
    This is NOT permit by Apple Inc to modify user's private setting . Instead, you have to synchronize with iTunes.

    ==== Contact us=====
    Email: ringtone@phpecho.net
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    Jun 9, 2012
    Really its a good news. Its an unbelievable offer to me. This can save my $2. Also i like the features of Ringtone Genius. So, i want to grab this offer.

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