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    Jul 12, 2008
    I've been using audiko.net and for some reason when I add the ringtones to my phone....the first one works fine.....but then the rest just add as the first one and it just keeps duplicating.....any ideas?
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    Jul 12, 2008
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    Jul 21, 2008
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    go into details.
    i use audiko.net too.
    the ringtone downloads, and then i click on it, it opens in itunes then i sync it?
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    Jul 17, 2008
    If you wanna make your own ringtones, this is the easiest and best way to do it.

    Follow these instructions, this is how I do it.. and it's easy once you've done it a few times:

    - Open Itunes, make sure you have the newest updated version
    - Connect your iphone and make sure itunes recognizes it
    - Under the library section, click "Music"

    - Find a song you want as a ringtone
    - Figure out what portion of the song you want as a ringtone... what I mean by this is whether you want the song to start at 2:44 and end at 3:20 (minute/seconds), or start at 0:00 and end at 0:32.

    - Right click the song, click "get info", then click the "options" tab
    - Put a check mark in the boxes labeled "start" and "stop"
    - WRITE DOWN THE START TIME, AND STOP TIME currently in the boxes
    - In the box next to "Start", change the start time to whatever you want
    - In the box next to "Stop", change the stop time to whatever you want
    - Click the "ok" button at the bottom of that window

    - Right click the song again, click "Convert selection to AAC". This will make a copy of the song, but only the section of the song you specified from start to stop. When itunes finishes converting the song, which only takes about 30 seconds or less, right click the initial song again and click "get info" again. You will need to click the options tab and change the start and stop time back to what it was originally to make sure the song still plays all the way through. You can see which song is the original, and which song is the ringtone by looking at the song length in itunes.

    - Then, right cilck the newly created ringtone song in itunes (right below the original song). Then, click "Show in windows explorer". This will open a new window with the ringtone song in it.

    - Right click the new song in the windows explorer window, and click rename. Change the file extension from M4a to M4r. This is what makes it a ringtone.
    (If you can't see the file extension, make sure you have windows set to show file extensions, google is your friend).

    - Now, go back to itunes and click "Ringtones" under the library sectiion. Then, left click on the song in the windows explorer window and hold it down, then drag the song over to the Ringtones folder of itunes.

    You are finished creating your ringtone. All you need to do is sync up your iphone or iphone3g with itunes and that's it.

    Video on youtube located here, but you don't need it:

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