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Discussion in 'iPhone' started by buckstrong70, May 27, 2011.

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    OK here is whats going on. I made 15 ringtones all under 40 sec. 10 work and 5 dont. the error message on the 5 says they are too long. I have cut them down to 15 sec and they still dont work. I then deleted them and started over 3 times and still get the same message. I followed instructions from this site and the rest work fine. I am on PC with windows xp and have an IPhone 4. ITunes is current version. I have also tried renaming them and using and even converted a different mp3 of the same song. still nothing. thoughts? they are all .m4r files.
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    Here's a free ebook I wrote on the subject. It was also printed in the most recent iPhone Life Magazine issue. Check the Troubleshooting section.


    Could be you have a soundfile of the same name, with .m4a extension in your iTunes account. iTunes gets confused, so delete it. Is it showing up in iTunes but not syncing?

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