Ringtone Rental?

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by the.snitch, Mar 1, 2008.

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    Found this particular string interesting in Localizable.strings

    "509.034" = "Ringtones are automatically removed from your iTunes library at the end of the rental period.";

    iTunes 7.6 (2.9)
    OS X 10.5.2

    I live outside the US, so I'm not sure if Ringtones are offered via rental. It was my understanding that you paid $1 to crop a song you've already paid for into a ringtone, or to crop a song to a .m4r AAC track using Garageband/Quicktime Pro?

    Other interesting strings located under "iPhone" (I'm not sure how long these have been here)

    Possible Nike+ kit support?
    "4320.140" = "Downloading Nike*+*iPod voice kit…";
    "4320.141" = "Installing Nike*+*iPod voice kit…";

    Official Voice Note support?
    "4320.143" = "Some voice recordings were not copied from iPhone “^1” to your computer because there is not enough free space on your computer.";

    Some sort of app to find the currently playing song on the radio in the iTunes store? (similar to the starbucks thing)
    "4364.001" = "Finding songs in iTunes Store…";
    /* station name and frequency */
    "4364.002" = "Heard on ^1 ^2";
    /* station name, frequency and time */
    "4364.003" = "Heard on ^1 ^2 at ^3";
    /* time */
    "4364.004" = "Heard at ^1";
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    Wow, very nice find!

    All of the aforementioned things would be great to have!

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