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Discussion in 'Mac Accessories' started by SummerBreeze, Apr 25, 2006.

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    I hope this info is useful to someone else on MR. I think it's pretty ridiculous to pay $1.99 for ten seconds of a song I already own just so I can have a pretty ringtone, so here's the method I came up with to create ringtones using OSX. I figured I might as well share, as there aren't really good tutorials online for doing this. These steps work on my Cingular Razr, but they should be the same for most bluetooth capable phones.

    1) Open up iTunes. Go to iTunes>Preferences and choose advanced preferences. Click on the importing tab and change the format to MP3. This needs to be used because it's the most universal format, as most cell phones accept MP3 rintones.

    2) Find the song that you want to use as your ringtone. Listen to it while looking carefully at the time elapsed bar at the top of iTunes. Figure out when the section you want to use as your ringtone starts and stops. For example, the song chorus may start 52 seconds in and go until 1 minute and 15 seconds. Memorize these numbers, or write them down on a post-it.

    3) Right click (that's ctrl-click for the people using non-mighty mice) and choose "get info" from the contextual menu. Click on the options tab. You should see two boxes for the start and stop time of the song. Change those two numbers to the start and stop times for the clip you're using (in my example, 0:52 and 1:15, resectively). Don't worry, you're not permenantly changing the song, it'll go back to it's regular sized self at the end of the tutorial. Click the done button.

    4) You can now preview your ringtone in iTunes. Go ahead and change the start and stop times until you're satisfied with your ringtone.

    5) Right click on your song and choose "convert selection to MP3." This should create a new file that is thirty or so seconds long with just the part of the song you selected.

    6) You can just find your ringtones by using spotlight, but I like to keep them all in a ringtones folder for easy reference. Create a new folder anywhere on your harddrive for ringtones. Make sure it's easily acessible, you'll need to find it later.

    7) Drag the new song you just created in iTunes to this ringtone folder. You can rename it now, and whatever you name it is how it will show up in your phone's menu. Make sure not to delete the .MP3 extension at the end of the file name.

    8) Turn on the bluetooth on your Mac and your phone, and then browse your phone from your Mac. If you don't know how to do this, just run a forum search, I won't explain the process here.

    9) Drag the ringtone file to the audio folder on your phone in the browse device window. It should begin transfering, and when it's done you can set it as your ringtone.

    10) Now would be a good time to go back to iTunes and remove the extraneous file and the start/stop preferences from the original song. Also, don't forget to change the MP3 encoding preference if you prefer and different format.

    Ta-da, free ringtones! Most phones let you set different ringtones for your best friend, your mom, your dad, your booty call, etc., so it's time to go crazy.
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    Very well written. Most people don't take advantage of this feature in iTunes. The only thing I hate more than Circuit City (recent experience tonight) is people that buy ringtones! Haha. This should be sticky'd.
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    I never knew you could "crop" songs like that in iTunes.. :eek:

    Awesome tutorial dude.. good work!!

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