RIP A.I. pioneer Marvin Minsky

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by aaronvan, Jan 25, 2016.

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    Being that I went to school in the early 1980's and studied AI, I read much of what he wrote. So much of it is very dated today except one truly great book "Society of Mind". It is a great insight into how our minds might work and is written for the general public.

    His idea was that inside out head is many smaller personalities that together make collective decisions. That is to simple an explanation but it is one of his best works that is accessible to the general reader.

    His other idea is that "minds are what brains do" much like "running is what legs do" It nicely solves the mind/body problem. Just as there is no physical thing you can pick up and look at called "running" there is no physical mind, it is an activity, not the thing.
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    I'm amazed that there aren't more people here commenting on his passing. Truly a towering person in AI and computers (and teaching...).

    Maybe because so many of his ideas are now "mainstream" we don't realize he was such a pioneer.

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