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  1. kunai macrumors regular

    Jun 3, 2013
    Even though Apple still has the ancient 13" cMBP up for sale, I'd like to give a moment of silence to the best Apple notebook computer ever produced: the classic MacBook Pro.

    Ah, cMBP, how good you were to us. You were so much more stylish than the old Aluminium MacBook Pros, yet so much more capable and upgradeable too. You had an IR port on the front so you could kick back and relax with a good Pixar film after a long, hard day. You had 1680x1050 native pixels of screen real-estate. You had a (fairly crappy) optical drive that users used to replace with SSDs to create dreadnought FrankenBooks. You had a user-replaceable battery, so that users could replace the battery with a simple purchase from iFixit instead of paying out the *** to Apple for a $200 top case replacement. You had a sleep indicator, so users would know what the ******* their computer was doing. You had an external battery meter, so that, without even turning the computer on, you could INSTANTLY know the amount of juice left.

    And now... you are gone. And you aren't coming back. Goodbye, old friend, for we all will miss you (well, except for the hipsters who jumped on the Apple bandwagon in 2009 and had never used a PowerPC Mac :p).

    In pace requiescat.
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    Jan 9, 2007
    I have a 13" cMBP and I only have a 1280x800 resolution.
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    Feb 15, 2009
    Toronto, Canada
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    The 15" had a 1680x1050 antiglare option.


    Are you seriously comparing real, modern issues with computing to VGA?

    Wow, that has to be some kind of delusion. Not being able to upgrade a PC's components is a real issue; nobody cares about VGA or legacy technologies like PC Card or ExpressCard.

    Stop picking at strawmen. The Retina defenders really have nothing here.
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    a profane existence
    I wish the cmbp, superdrive, etc is dead Trolls would bugger off. I don't go into their threads declaring _____ is dead.

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