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Jul 14, 2011
EDIT: I guess I spoke too soon. Turns out the loss of MacFixIt was only temporary, and the site is back up. Sorry for the false alarm.

As most of you know, the independent site called MacFixIt was purchased and absorbed by Cnet years ago.

Up until recently, they still maintained the MacFixIt branding for a sub-section of the Cnet site that focused on Apple products.

However, a new site redesign just went live, and MacFixIt appears to be no more. All Apple related stuff is now just part of a general computers section. There's no Apple specific tagging that would allow you to search for just those articles, either.

Despite the loss of the original site, especially the once lively forums, Topher Kessler had been doing a good job with posting Apple-specific tips and news. In particular, what was refreshing about the reconstituted MacFixIt is that it focused exactly on that, Macs and OS X, and did not follow the trend of allowing the iPhone, iPad, and iOS craze to dominate or matter at all. It was a last bastion of peace for those of us who are Mac diehards, and don't really care as much about the rest of the ecosystem.

Sigh. :(
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Jul 22, 2002
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It turns out that the CNET sourced MacFixit forum is dead. While the old articles can be found at
there will be no new articles there.
Topher Kessler has moved on to a new venue. You can find his blog and forums at
This thread in MacRumors will show up on a search for MacFixit, no other way to communicate with the loyal readers of Topher's blog that I know of.