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    I currently use RipIt to decrypt/backup my DVD's I don't use the compression, and I keep them as Video_TS folders to retain the menu's etc...

    What I was wondering is if someone knows of a similar type program for Linux (Ubuntu to be specific) I would use Handbrake or similar but I'm really not interested in compressing the DVD's into a single file for now, I just want the DVD Rip'd not transcoded or anything.

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    K9Copy has served me well. I haven't used it in a while but it is a very elegant KDE package.

    You could also try DVD95 and see if it suits your needs.

    A quick goole search reveals they are no longer available (something to do with an internal dispute with ffmpeg). Sorry to get your hopes up. As I said, I haven't used them in a while.
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    Thanks, I gave it a look and looks alright, I also looked at DVD::Ripper
    but I actually settled on dvdbackup, a command line utility, then wrote a couple shell scripts (very simple, posted below)

    it does exactly what I would want (basically what RipIt for mac does)

    1st Drive
    dvdbackup -M -v -p -i /dev/sr0 -o /home/ark/Videos/dvd/sr0
    eject /dev/sr0
    echo "done with /dev/sr0"
    2nd Drive
    dvdbackup -M -v -p -i /dev/sr1 -o /home/ark/Videos/dvd/sr1
    eject /dev/sr1
    echo "done with /dev/sr1"
    I load 2 DVD's in, open two terminals and run each script. When they eject I put new discs in and repeat. It has actually seemed to work as fast or faster than RipIt and it is running on much older hardware. Also, it seems to handle ripping multiple drives at the same time better than RipIt. with RipIt I often get app crashes when I have more than one disc at a time. I'm thinking about compiling dvdbackup on my mac and using it there too.

    If someone is running Ubuntu 14.xx then dvdbackup available in the app store (whatever it's called in ubuntu) You need to have multiverse (for software sources) and the proprietary extensions installed.
    (like libdvdread, libcss, etc )

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