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Original poster
Jul 10, 2007
Ulladulla, NSW Australia
Hi Folks,

Was doing some research on ripping blurays and came across this software:

Is this for real? I searched on google for comments on it, but all I can find is spam and spam styled forum posts about it. I did find one blog post recommending it, but even it felt like an ad.

Has anyone else had any experience using this software? It seems too good to be true - much easier than using makeMKV and Handbrake which is the solution I was about to start employing.

If this is legit software, I'll be going out to buy an internal bluray drive for my Mac Pro tomorrow!



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Jun 6, 2011
Yes it is. I don't know this specific program, but the MXF converter isn't too bad.
Just download the trial version and test it out.
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