Ripping DVDs to hard-drive then adding onto iTunes


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Aug 28, 2007
For this you will need 4 things
#1 MacTheRipper (
#2 HandBrake ( just right click on the download link and press download linked file
#3 A DVD you want to copy onto your hard-disk aka your computer
#4 Lots of space on you computer it would really suck if u ran out of space i recomend up to 10g's per dvd (dont worry they will not take up that much space just as a procaution)
#5 VLC Media Player (

If you are going to be doing lots of ripping then in system preferences under CDs & DVDs change it so that when you insert a DVD into the mac it opens MacTheRipper

Okay so now we are ready to start.
#1 Insert DVD and open up MacTheRipper. In the bottem right cornor of the screen in MacTheRipper where it says DISC RCE it should say scanning.
#2 Now if it says in the DISC RCE -CLEAR- DO NOT TOUCH ANY OF THE buttons just above the GO! button (the UOPs, New Region (leave it saying ALL), RCE Region, or De-Macrovision (leave it checked)) just go to step #3. If it Says -DETECTED- do not worry. Where it says New Region in the section i explained above leave it at ALL. Now where it says RCE Region just put the region that you got it from sorry i do not now all of them i only now that RCE 1 is for North America. Do not touch any of the buttons to the left of that.
#3 Now press the Mode button located to the right of the Disk buttion directly bellow the screen. It should only have one option "Full Disc Extraction" this is not necisary because it copys the whole disc and takes up lots of room. Insted switch it to "Main Feature Extraction" not "Main Feature (ARccOS) Extraction". Now just press the Disc button to take you back to the origanal screen.
#4 Now you are set to copy the DVD to you hard-drive. Just press the big GO! button at the very bottem. The coping should take about 20-45 minitues. For me it is about 30 minutes every time. Now if you only want to copy the DVD to your computer and not ITunes you can leave now just open up VLC media player, and under the File button at te very top just press open file. Then press browse and navigate to where you saved the dvd and press open. Then just skip the first scene (its a menu witch does not work) and you are good to go.
#5 Once MacTheRipper is done quit it and open HandBrake. HandBrake will get rid of the non working menu, make it a much smaller file, and make it ipod compatale. The only problem is that it takes a very long time.
#6 Now in the very top left cornor of HandBake it should say Source. Press that. Now navigate to the place you saved the DVD to, and open that file. Inside the DVD file it should say VIDEO_TS press it but do not open it, insted press the open button in the bottom right cornor.
#8 Now in the top right cornor of the HandBrake application make sure hat the Toggle Presets are visable. If not just click it and they will open to the right of the HandBrake window.
#9 In the Presets find the one called "iPod High-Rez" and press it. To now that you have pressed it under picture settings it should say Source: 720 x 480, and Output: 640 x 272.
#10 Now look back at the Source button at the very top left of the HandBrake window and look just right of that it should say start or go. Press that and it has began. It take from 2-4 hours to convert so find something else to do wail you wait.
#11 NOW YOU ARE DONE just go to where you saved the HandBrake file and it should be called VIDEO_TS.Mp4 rename that and open it. If it plays it worked. If not re do it and make sure you did not press any buttons that you were not told to press. Now just drag the new .Mp4 file into itunes and you are done! What i would recoment would be deleting the origanal MacTheRipper file because that takes up lots of space.


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Jul 27, 2007
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You do realize that handbrake will rip & encode a DVD for you... you dont really need to use MacTheRipper. In fact, I am doing that exact thing right now with the second disc of season 4 of Frasier...