Ripping films like LOTR that are on 2 DVDs

Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by Primus84, Nov 18, 2010.

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    Hi, I'm in the process of ripping all my DVDs to my Apple Mini Media Server that I have 2 ATVs running off. It's all going great with 5.1 working and stereo also there for iPad viewing etc but I've got one problem.

    I have the extended edition box sets of The Lord Of The Rings - each film is over 2 DVDs as it's so long. What's the best way to rip, encode and join the 2 DVDs together?

    Thanks in advance!
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    Check out DVD2OneX -- it is what I used to encode all three extended editions and maintained chapters and audio without an issue.
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    When I still had my original :apple:TV I would rip each dvd to a movie file and use VisualHub's option to stitch the movies together. You may still be able to track down a version of VH through certain "channels". Just make sure the files are in the correct order :D
  4. rusty2192, Nov 18, 2010
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    Quicktime 7

    I used Quicktime 7 to stitch together my rips of LOTR. I got directions from somewhere here, but i can't seem to find the thread now. You basically just open the first MP4 file (I made it using Handbrake) in QT7, scrub to the end of the file, then drag and drop the second file onto the window and it will add it to the end. It may not look like it did anything, but the length will have increased. Then just save the file and you're done. This will save it as a .mov file instead of MP4, but iTunes and the ATV will all play it no problem.

    I got Quicktime 7 from my Snow Leopard DVD inside one of the folders though i don't remember exactly where off the top of my head.
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    For win7 users WIndows Movie Maker offers a similar function.
  6. pedz macrumors regular

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    Didn't realize you can do this with movie maker. I have the latest version and it only appears to output wmv. Do you know how it can be done where it outputs m4v without re-enconding the actual video (no quality loss?)

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    You could use MPEG Streamclip after they have been ripped and converted to mp4 by say, Handbrake.
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    MPEG StreamClip or VisualHub (preferred) here.

    There's many more classic filme you will come across that are split into 2, Goodfellas, Gone With The Wind, Spartacus, Lawrence of Arabia, Che, etc. before you even start looking at extended versions.

    On the original AppleTV we had to make sure the final movie file was under 4GB. Don't know if that applies to the new AppleTV.

    Do you think you have the skills required to put The Godfather and The Gdfather Part II together as they were intended to be ?

    Never quite understood why they needed so many DVDs for those extended version box sets of LOTR (I have them too), the whole of Seven Samurai (nearly 4 hours) and an hour of extras easily fits on one DVD.
  9. RaggieSoft, Nov 19, 2010
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    For Windows Movie Maker: may be tedious, but simply open the WMV file using HandBrake and output as an M4V. No, there's no way to get it to spit out anything except WMV

    Pain? Yes
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    The alternative is to just use the abridged version.

    (Thanks to edesignuk for the file...)

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    Mar 4, 2009
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    I realize you're just kidding, but the Blu-ray is the theatrical version, which only uses 1 DVD also. The extended versions are not on BD.
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    Mar 4, 2009
    Ah yes. I forgot about that.

    I previously ran into this problem with other movies (Pearl Harbor, Goodfellas...) and the best method is the bluray. Granted I no longer have a means to rip a bluray. I was using my PS3 and I sold it, so now I need to buy an external drive.

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