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    From searching it seems that the best way to back up my dvd collection is MTR->Handbrake. Where does toast come into this? Can toast replace handbrake? I have browsed the toast site, but these questions remain. Can toast rip movies from a camcorder in avhc (I plan to buy one soon)? Thanks a lot :)
    This thread gave some info on the MTR/handbrake thing:
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    It really depends on what you are looking to do. If you want to make physical copies onto another DVD then you are going to use MTR and then Toast to burn it onto the DVD. If you want to make copies of the movie to watch on your computer, :apple:tv, or iPod, then you want to use Handbrake.

    When it comes to Handbrake you really don't even need to use MTR because it will rip it right from the DVD. I personally do use MTR or Fairmount when ripping DVD's for my :apple:tv because I prefer to get a nice long queue going in Handbrake and let it run overnight or while im at work.

    As for burning movies off your camcorder, Toast should work wonderfully.

    Lastly, if you have any problems with MTR give Fairmount a try. I just recently started using it and am pretty impressed. All you do is mount the DVD and then copy the video_ts folder to your hd.

    Hope this helped, let me know if you need anything else.
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    if ur lookn to "backup ur own dvds" then use mac the ripper to get past the encryption,then handbrake to make thos files from mac the ripper into a single file. i did it today and it takes an hour once you get into handbrake.pc has a one stop shop sort of thing called dvdfab surprised mac doesnt have the samething.
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    We do... HandBrake rips straight from DVDs and then encodes...
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