Ripping my DVD Collection to Computer. Help?

Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by ktbubster, Mar 3, 2008.

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    Jan 20, 2007
    This could be the stupidest question ever... and maybe I completely missed some stuff, but bear with me.

    First of all. I have a macbook 2.2 SR (4 gigs ram) and a 1.83 C2D (2gigs ram) combodrive macmini at my disposal.

    I would like to rip my whole dvd collection (yes, I know it will take a while as I have about 50 or so dvds to rip) over time to my computer (and of course make backups of them again as well) so I can have them all available to me over my computer set up with my TV without having to have the physical dvds in the dvd player and so I can have backups incase the discs get scratched or broken.

    1. Can you rip dvds via handbrake with a combo drive? I know this may be stupid, but since it's essentially just reading the CDs, it might be possible? I'd like to be able to have my mini ripping some dvds during the day while I am using my macbook.

    2. What is the best format to rip the dvds in? I want to be able to have a good compromise between Quality and Size as well as the ability to burn them onto playable dvds incase (like I said before) my originals get damaged somehow. Approx how big will one movie file be?

    3. About how long does it take to rip a singular dvd on either of the computers mentioned? Is it about 1-1 or 1-2 or more? This would be the only thing the computer is doing at the time.

    4. Will I be able to rip the dvds in complete? Like, Can i rip them so they have the main menu and chapter selections? Will they burn like that too?

    5. I have some seasons of tv shows as well. Is there a good way to burn those as well for menus and chapter selections, or any better way of ripping the episodes individually, or will I be able to rip them so the dvd file is the same as the DVD (4 episodes per dvd with chapter and episode selections?)

    6. Is handbrake the best program for this or do people suggest something else?

    I think that's it for now. Any help would be greatly appreciated :)
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    Aug 25, 2007
    1. Yes
    2. I like to use the iPod touch/iPhone preset in Handbrake - produces a nice image and sound level - movies are usually around 1 GB or just a little over
    3. It takes me about 50 minutes to an hour - sometimes longer
    4. Menus: no.
    Chapters can be encoded into the movie file just make sure to change the extension from .mp4 to .m4v
    5. You'll probably have to rip each episode individually
    6. I've only ever used Handbrake
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    I "used to" rip my legally purchased DVDs 'til i need the "space" for other items...

    I used a Core Duo 1.66 Ghz mini and it was close to 1:1 rip ratio..

    HandBrake will compress the dvd.. For a full size dvd rip use MTR (Mac The Ripper), w/ MTR you can choose feature only or Full DVD rip..

    Anything else you can PM me w/Q's..
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    Jan 20, 2007
    Oh cool. I'll check out Mac the Ripper then. I think I would like a fullsize/feature dvd, at least for some of my collection anyway, although compressed for some other ones might be better.

  5. iPhil macrumors 68040



    If you rip via MTR,then you get all the menus options... :eek:

    The link in my sig: MTR v.2.66 is the last free* MTR update... The MTR 3.0 beta is ShareWare... :eek:

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