RKHunter on Mac OSX 10.3.9

Discussion in 'Mac Apps and Mac App Store' started by UKnjb, Dec 29, 2005.

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    May 23, 2005
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    Hi - some help/advice would be appreciated.
    I am concerned about the new threats of rootkits and have downloaded and installed RKHunter. The installation messages indicated that there were no problems here. However, I went to use it (from Terminal) and, try as I might, I keep receiving the message that rkhunter does not exist. I am unfamiliar with using Unix commands and may be getting it all wrong. What I am typing at the command prompt from within Darwin is 'sudo rkhunter' <cr>. No joy - command does not exist. And the first time around, I was asked for, and correctly entered, my admin password.
    I have used the cd command to step into the correct directory from my default home directory, where RKHunter is located (usr/local/rkhunter - and as a BTW I cannot find the UNIX executable programme rkhunter) and tried running it from there. No joy. The 'command' does not exist.
    The web has a number of links that suggest I am not trying the impossible and that everything should be working. Does anybody have any suggestions?
    And failing all else, is there a known reliable routine for uninstalling the programme? I have used Cocktail to reveal hidden files and everything is looking a bit scary from where I am sitting. So I don't want to just drag the whole rkhunter directories to the trash without some reassurance.
    Thanks in advance for any feedback --- and a very Happy New Year to all, when it arrives in a couple of days.
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    Removal of rkhunter from Mac application folder

    This is how I did it. First download appcleaner and install, then download and install AppTrap. After that enable AppTrap then use appcleaner to uninstall rkhunter execution script. After that open application folder in finder and drag rkhunter folder to trash. You will be prompted for your password to modify the application folder. Once you type it in it will move the rkhunter folder to trash where you can then delete it. Restart your Mac and the application is no longer there. Word of warning always make sure you use TimeMachine and backup your Mac. Just like with any computer back ups are always an important part of maintenance. Just saying. :D

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