rMB 1.2 went in for service.

Discussion in 'MacBook' started by tejota1911, Nov 16, 2015.

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    Nov 10, 2006
    I had been experiencing some issues with my rMB recently. It started shutting itself off while sleeping, having kernel panics, etc. I reinstalled OS X multiple times, but the problems didn't go away. Eventually, I made a Genius Bar appointment and took it in last Monday. It seems the "Genius Bar" is kind of a joke these days. It used to be that you would take your computer in and they would diagnose the problem there and work on your computer. Not the case these days, it seems. I was standing there explaining my issues and the guy didn't even look at my MacBook. He basically just wrote down the issues I was having and said that they would need to send it to their service center for repair. I was slightly annoyed, thinking if they weren't even going to look at it, why couldn't they of just sent a shipping box and return label to my house, saving me the trip. At any rate, I had him send it in, and today, 7 days later, I received it back.

    I looked at the detailed receipt and they basically gave me a new computer. Just about every part in this thing is listed as replaced. The Logic Board, Display Assembly, Bottom Case, Battery, Top Case, Keyboard, Audio Board, I/O Board, and three cables!!! Then after I fired it up, I checked the System Information screen AND THEY UPGRADED ME TO THE 1.3GHz PROCESSOR!!!

    Apple continues to impress me with their customer service.
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    Nice, only shame is it had to go back in the 1st place

    Enjoy :)
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    At the store I worked at, "how backed up they were" (i.e. how many other Macs were already on the bench in the back of the store waiting to be repaired) and if there were (or weren't) replacement parts in the store already for the model of Mac the customer needs help with were the major factors on if a Mac got shipped to the depot for repair or not.

    Glad you got it sorted (and an upgrade)!

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