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Discussion in 'MacBook' started by jlp2979, Oct 30, 2016.

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    May be old news, but I spent some time at my local Apple store comparing my screen with the store display models. Just wanted to post my thoughts for fellow "OCD about screens" folks (myself included). As many people on here have observed, the display units in store, far more often than not, look whiter than the screens you walk out with. I decided to calibrate my rMB with an X-Rite ColorMunki Display colorimeter and then visit a store to compare. Also spent time with a really cool genius who is the go-to in that store for display questions. Fun pre-football Sunday morning.

    My model has panel type A028. We brought up my serial number, found out it is a Samsung display. ALL of the floor models (I looked at two separate stores over last 2 days) are panel type A027. We didn't check the system for that display type.

    My display isn't yellow, it's just much warmer than ALL of the floor models at 2 separate stores. I have mine calibrated to 6500K via the latest X-Rite software. Side by side with 4 other MacBooks today, setting my display to 7000K in the color sync utility w/in Sierra, makes it look 100% identical to the floor models.

    TLDR, there isn't anything wrong with your screen if it is much warmer than the floor models, in my humble opinion. I firmly believe, just like TVs at Best Buy and every other store, the display models at Apple are all factory set to run cooler because that is what people like to see versus warmer displays. I trust my colorimeter's accuracy re: white point. It is the Apple store floor models that are set too cool, not flaws in our MacBooks. Setting your warm display to 7000K should make yours look like the floor models.

    One thing I didn't do and prob should have done, was adjust the color profiles on the store display models to compare alleged identical profiles. But I don't believe if you have a warmer display that it is cause for concern / reason to put yourself through the exchange lottery. Carry on...just wanted to post my thoughts for those who may care.
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    interesting! thanks

    they must use a higher color profile, for iPhones too, because this has been the case too.

    they must be torn between in store appeal, and when display mate and other people get to measuring it and looking at colors and stuff, where people complain if things are too blue and nuked

    so the question is do you keep your screen to default or crank it to in store 7000k?

    apparently the non touch bar 2016 13" rMBP is running about 7200k out of the box, not in store, so they must know people prefer that look.. the average person at least
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    Was short lived. Found a dead pixel, exchanged and the next one had yellow backlight bleed at 2 corners and a dead pixel toward bottom left. This one was A027. Done with the MB, was worth a try. Never had QC issues with any other laptop or screens in general like I do with Apple. QC is horrible.
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    What are you going to do then?

    I would buy 2x at a time if you're credit card limit can afford it, to save yourself a trip

    also can you post pics ?
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    This is a screenshot from a video I shot from my phone (IP7) during boot up:


    This is a photo of the screen at 75% brightness:


    This is a photo of the screen at 50% brightness:


    I shot video w/ screen capture for the boot up photo to give an idea of the bleed without the over-exposure effect of regular photo shots. You can clearly see where the backlight bleed is in all the photos; top right and bottom left. That piece of tape on the screen is my marker for the dead pixel in case Apple wants to look at that too.

    I am sticking with my X1 Carbon 4th Gen for now. I like it a lot but battery life could be better and a 14 inch laptop is kind of no man's land for me. My plan was to get the 12" rMB for work on the go, sell the X1 Carbon, and buy a 15" laptop for a primary work machine / meeting clients in office.

    For $1599, I demand near-perfection. The above photos of this MacBook are pathetic. Totally unacceptable.
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    that sucks!

    mine doesn't have dead pixels , but top right is a little hot on both up. not visible under any other environment, and a 2015 and long out of warranty so cant be bothered. couldn't be bothered before that either

    the display lottery is such a sad one, but i have the nicest looking one in my family and brightest too against another 2015 and a 2016 model

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