rMB DOA 2x in a week!

Discussion in 'MacBook' started by pshifrin, Feb 22, 2016.

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    We have two rMBs at work. One is a silver base model purchased at best buy during the xmas $999 sale. The other is a Space Gray maxed out model purchased about a month ago during B&H's $220 off sale then price adjusted to $300 off, which was nice of them.

    About 3 weeks in, the SG stopped charging. Any of the 3 USB-C chargers we had (all official apple chargers and none with the recalled cables) would show "battery not charging" and the laptop was dead when battery gave out. Tried different outlets obviously. Took it to apple and they couldn't charge it either so in for repair it went and came back with a brand new battery and new bottom case.

    While the SG was in for repair I took the silver and the same charger and it worked perfectly for a week. Returned from a business trip and picked up the SG. 36 hours later same thing again! Again, used charger that worked perfectly on the silver for a week, so I know it's not the charger blowing the MacBook.

    So last night brought the SG back the the Genius Bar, and got the same nice employee as last time. Now they are replacing the logic board.

    Anyone see this before?

    If it happens again, I think I'll be asking for a replacement. Besides the battery and the logic board, what else could it possibly be besides a gremlin?
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    WOW third!!

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