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May 14, 2015
much has been asked about the rMb new charging options (external battery pack, usb chargers, ...) and I love this potential flexibility... but I'm skeptical.

Today I received my usb-c / usb-a cable so I could test :
- charging via an external battery pack (5V / 2.3A)
- charging via a usb charger (5.3V / 2.0A, Samsung Galaxy Tab charger)

... and I'm a little disappointed : in regular use (web browsing, office and max screen luminosity), my battery was dropping. Maybe a little slower than on battery, but still (about 1% per 8mn-10mn).

Did anyone obtain better result with alternative charging ?
Maybe with a more powerful charger or external battery pack (Anker ? Tecknet ?)

Thanks !


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Mar 15, 2015
Apple's been stupid about it's Magsafe and didn't want anyone to create a portable battery pack that is Magsafe compatible. Apple throws lawsuits all over the place preventing this. Maybe with USB-C, some companies will eventually adopt the new port standard.

At this moment in time, there are no incentives for anyone to really create a "native" USB-C charging device. Not until USB-C is much more widely adopted. maybe in a year or two. Almost 100% of the population still uses the normal USB ports (not USB-C). Most iDevices only requires about 5W/2A power.

What most likely will happen is they can increase the wattage so these IQ chargers will adapt to the 29W that the rMB demands. You're going to need a USB to USB-C adapter/cable for it, the same way you need a USB to mini-USB cable if you have an Android device. It will take at least several years before everyone drops the current USB ports.

Even today's high end computer (PC motherboards, computer cases) uses USB 2/3. They will last at least several years. Even by then, it will likely have half the number of USB-C ports and the other half USB 3.
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