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Discussion in 'MacBook' started by dss10, May 10, 2015.

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    Jul 25, 2012
    I currently have a late 2010 13" MacBook Air (4GB/251GB/2.13GHz) that I am thinking about replacing with a BTO 512GB rMB with the 1.3GHz option. I was playing with a rMB at my local apple store and tried to stress the machine by playing a 4K video while editing photos in photos and couldn't get it to get hot after about 20 minutes of use (my current Air would have had the fan come on if I did the same thing) or have any lag in photo editing or video playback. I know that not too many people have have received their BTO rMb's but I'm trying to figure out if a rMB would be ok for me and would be "future proof" for about 5 years. I would mostly use it mostly for web browsing, HD video playback, Light video and photo editing, remote desktop work, and creating and editing large spreadsheets and word documents (work again). Can someone tell me when their 1.3 rNB stumbles so I can choose between a maxed out 13" Air or a 1.3 rMB....

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    there you go.

    or doing a few of those things at the same time.
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    Sounds like you'd be fine with a rMB for that kind of usage. You won't have any trouble with photo editing. It may warm up or slow down during video editing. I used iMovie last night for several hrs, putting together a Mother's Day vid for my wife. It did just fine, but did get warm. And it was a bit slow performing the export, but it got the job done.
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    When the time to complete a task is not acceptable... that's when.
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    Sometimes I can't see how the rMB would perform well using Apple's own software. I bought a new 13" MBP and signed in to iCloud Photo Library which contains about 15K photos. I had the optimize storage option selected. It ran one core at nearly 100% for days. The fan would spin up frequently. Every time I add a batch of photos to the library, the MBP is a slug for a few minutes the next time I use it and it has to process those changes. I have to wonder what my experience would be like with the rMB which I was considering. Strangely, Photo Library doesn't bring my iPad to its knees.

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