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Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by REDTAZ, Oct 28, 2013.

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    Hello everyone, so I made the jump from an Early 2011 15inch MacBook Pro 2.0GHZ to the new Retina MacBook Pro 15inch base model but after reading several reviews I'm not sure if I made the right decision so decided to seek advice while I'm still within my fourteen days of returning this device. Gave my old laptop to my mother since her old windows pc finally gave out, so she was quite happy. My main questions would be should I return this machine and instead get one with the 16GB Ram Upgrade and potentially 2.3ghz upgrade. The main things which I currently use the computer for are school work, so web browsing, watching tv shows online, editing/create documents and occasional photoshop work and 1 or 2 iMovie projects a year. If you guys could be of any assistance I would really appreciate it, trying to get a machine that will last a good few years since i certainly won't be doing any update in such a short time period again! I also have free memory installed on my current RMBP and set-up to auto free my memory anytime it falls below 1GB.:confused:
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    I'd say that for you stated usage, 8GB should be sufficient. If you want peace of mind, then yes return it and get the 16GB model but I think for the most part you should be fine with 8GB.
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    The base model will meet this criteria.

    There is no need for an upgrade in RAM or CPU, in fact, I would recommend you check out the cheaper 13" rMBP models as they are more school-friendly.

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