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Mar 1, 2006
don't really know where to put this but i figured this might be best....

would the rmbp with iris pro have less lag when extending the desktop via airplay? i get a TON of lag on my 13" with 16gb when i use my atv as an extended desktop? i use the atv almost daily in my classroom and would like any videos i show to my students to have less stuttering. if the iris pro does a better job at handling the video output then it would be something i would certainly considering of making a move to. my atv is connected via ethernet so really the only issue i have right now is the video stutter with the 13" w/o dedicated graphics.

anyone with an iris pro and atv care to chime in?

oh and fwiw. when i stream from my ipad air... NO LAG


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Nov 1, 2013
I would guess the bottle neck is bandwidth. I have the Iris Pro model + 750M and they both show some lag when extending the desktop to the appleTV, mind you, I am extending over wifi.

Does the video quality improve if you change your rmbp resolution to 1024x768?


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Oct 24, 2009
I had a few MBP"s and they all lag when mirroring to the apple tv, even 2012 or 2013's mbps, the solution is an app call Beamer or another one AirFlick but thats only for videos that you have in your HD, doesn't work with youtube etc.


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Nov 24, 2008
I have Iris Pro and apple tv. Delay and stutter are two different things. Delay is expected, and normal with the MBP/Apple TV setup (as with many video-over-wifi solutions). Stutter, however, indicates a poor wi-fi connection, either due to poor signal or throughput.
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