rMBP battery is "not available"


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Jul 6, 2013
Hello all,

The other day I turned on my MBP to find myself greeted by an "x" where the battery icon is. It states that no battery is available, when quite obviously there is one. The computer won't work without AC power. Any ideas to resolve this?

Thanks for your time.


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Jan 9, 2014
Bolton, UK.
What was the previous condition of your battery?
If it was on it's last legs it may have finally given up the ghost.
A new battery may be on the cards.



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Jul 11, 2008
Which model do you have and how old it it? Does it have a replaceable battery or is it a newer model that is non-replaceable?


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Jun 21, 2012
i developed the same issue after i got my rmbp back from service guys. The battery could not be detected they wanted to change the top case with battery but since it had lots of parts change in the service they gave me a new rmbp.
If you have apple care they most likely will replace the battery in warranty as if you consume the battery it will show an error to replace or service. They will mostly run a diagnostic on your macbook if its consumed then you will need to pay for a replacement or else they will do it under warranty.

By any chance was the macbook kept for a long time without any charge?

do a smc and pram reset first.