rMBP bezel. Un-Apple-like?

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by PatriotInvasion, Apr 14, 2013.

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    So, has anyone else noticed that the bezel on both the 13" and 15" rMBP do not have an even width all the way around?

    While the left and the right sides are the same width, the bottom portion of the bezel is about half as wide as the top, and is even thinner than the width of the sides. The older cMBPs had a uniform width all the way around and the bezels on all of Apple's other products at least have congruent widths of top/bottom and left/right sides.

    Just found it a little odd given Apple's laser focus on design. Thoughts?

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    It's because the hinge is now widened (read: elongated) to allow more airflow.

    If they made the bezel the same way, then the wider hinge would elevate the display slightly on the bottom when the display is open at any angle greater than 90 degrees, which is the case most of the time. Having the slimmer bezel actually centers the display in that case.

    The fact that people haven't noticed it just reinforces the decision.
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    I think people have noticed but most of us don't make big deal out of it. It's not un-Apple. Just look at the back camera on the iPhone 5, it's not vertically centered in its glass region either.

    We all know Apple would have chosen perfect symmetry when technically possible. It simply wasn't possible here, I assumed because of the camera module that was too thick to put higher because of the taper. It's also becoming common for devices to have a larger vertical bezel than horizontal (iPhone, iPad mini, iPad 5).

    I can sometimes obsess over misalignments (in software for example) but this doesn't bother me. It would though if the right bezel was larger than the left one since that makes no sense.
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    It's angled so that when you close it, air passing through the vents is pushed downwards.

    Clutch covers have always been a bit odd IMO

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